“We’re incentivizing companies to leave Ontario”

Marissa Semkiw sat down with Professor Ian Lee, Professor of Economics at the Sprott School of Business to discuss alarming reports that are predicting massive business failures in Ontario over the next few years.

  • Exile1981

    Don’t worry the new NDP weasels in Alberta will follow Ontario’s path.

    • Yea, what luck.

    • mauser 98

      Greeks hording beans rice flour…we should do the same

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Manitoba has low cost hydro.
    Come on down.
    And we’ll have a conservative government soon, too.

  • Gary

    About 6 years ago I looked into using Ontario to build Plants that would produce my Inventions and modified existing items that were Eco friendly and fully accessible in the home for the seniors and the disabled .
    My plan was to let people age in their Homes and not be forced into Long-Term care centre’s that costs $1000’s of dollar a month , the products could also be assembled by seniors for high paying jobs since I solved to some of the other costs for shipping and sales .

    But I hit the Great Wall of Wynne where I needed 2 eco-studies for the Plant which makes ECO-friendly products , there was also the Federal and Provincial layers of rules and labour laws .
    In the end I was looking at about 7 year to start build the Plant and then about 4 more years get it running and workers trained. Liberal Ontario created the conditions where it was easier to have my products built in China and shipped thousands of miles by diesel powered cargo ships and then diesel powered Trains across Canada to Toronto and then diesel truck to the buyer home.
    I guess it’s okay when brown or yellow people create the pollution and die from it outside of Canada building products that we import from them and feel oh so smug that we’re shutting down our factories with a large Carbon footprint and we erect huge wind turbines that will bankrupt us .

    I found an abandon Auto Plant just South of our Border and it has the Highway and Railway access within a 1/2 mile for shipping I’m sure the State and Local Government would love to see that Plant create a couple hundred jobs at good wages that will draw in more businesses and see the run down homes rebuilt so employees can live near where they work.

    • mauser 98

      green energy policy is simply code words for stripping middle class of any money they have left.

  • Petey

    A friend of mine has a brother who was looking at starting up a small technology company in North America. They’re both engineers, foreign born but locally educated and experienced. He simply couldn’t make the business case for starting up in Ontario. He moved to Texas to do it. He’s been very successful. He’s Indian and loves Texas as a place to raise his family.

  • Spreorke

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  • mauser 98

    electricity? … what about Gay Pride?