“Pakistan’s Hidden Shame” film exposes widespread pedophilia

“Pakistan’s Hidden Shame,” a new documentary produced almost entirely by a Pakistani team, exposes the pervasive problem of rape and prostitution of underage boys on the country’s streets. While it has already made waves in Japan and Australia, and this week premiered in the UK, it has yet to be broadcast in Pakistan itself.

The 47-minute documentary depicts an unending cycle of stolen childhood, drug addiction and poverty. The scale of the problem is brought to light through a series of shocking confessions and accounts by both victims and perpetrators of child abuse. Bus conductor Ejaz confesses to raping on buses “about 11 or 12 kids” aged between eight and 10.

Video at link. For some reason when I tried to post it here it showed up as footage of some pop tart named Ariana Grande defiling donuts to raise awareness about American obesity. (I’m not kidding.)