Now Magazine Describes Al Quds Day Jew Hate Festival As Protest Against Islamophobia & Can’t Miss Event!

Sick Twisted Fuckers.

“International Day of Al-Quds, the annual rally to protest Islamophobia – and all forms of oppression – takes place opposite the U.S. Consulate at 360 University on Saturday (July 11) at 3 pm. Buses from across the GTA bring participants, but the usual march from Queen’s Park won’t be part of the event this year because of traffic considerations related to the Pan Am Games.”

Now Magazine Jew Hate Festival

  • zee

    Chock up one victory for the Pan Am games 🙂

  • Luna Tik

    The Council of Canadians know all of our problems are due to those jooooooos.

    As for Al-Quds day, it is against Islamophobia and it is the jooooos behind Islamophobia. Islamophobia will only end when the 12th Imam rules Jerusalem and all those joooos quietly go. I know because the Voice of Peace™ Ayatolla Khamenei told us so!

  • WalterBannon

    Now Magazine – Gay Gestapo leftist Anti-Semites

    • Clausewitz

      Don’t forget the hooker ads in the classifieds.

  • brm373

    Maude is Canada’s biggest parasite

    • Alain

      Well, let us admit that she has a lot of competition.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    What would NOW say when the JDL counter demonstrates?

  • Edubeat

    I had an argument with a Liberal leftie group in the staffroom once (Mostly brainless bimbos)They wanted some kind of apology after I called Maude Barf_a_low a streetwalker in the staff room.Just a lovely group of people

    • Justin St.Denis

      Were these coworkers of the female persuasion, perchance?

      • Alain

        LOL and you likely scored Bingo.

      • Edubeat

        Yep they sure were….most won’t teach 7 or 8 b/c they can’t handle it

        • Clausewitz

          Know the type. Afraid to do the heavy lifting because they are afraid to control their classrooms. Had a class next to me two years ago that had the problem. After walking in on her class about ten times over a month, she complained to the Happy Lesbian VP at which time the VP told her to grow a pair and gain control of her class. That’s when I started to like the old bull dyke.