Mehdi Hasan’s Iran Death to America whitewash

Leftist pundit Mehdi Hasan has produced a garbled whitewash of Iran’s Death to America agenda. But the truth is that the anti-American agenda is based on historical falsifications that many Westerners have simply internalised, as Potkin Azarmehr explains in this fascinating expose

Mehdi Hasan is an articulate and an intelligent person, but you can be both of those things and still talk gibberish and use absurd arguments. One such attempt by Mehdi Hasan can be seen in his article, “Death to America?” published on the Aljazeera website.

In the article, Hasan tries to rationalise the chants of, “Death to America” by the ruling clerics of Iran.

  • Gary

    I do agree with Hasan on one topic, it’s unfair to judge the 99% of the muslims
    by the actions of the 1% muslims that keep saying the it’s a religion of Peace .
    Canada and the USA only have about 0.004% of the world’s muslims and we shouldn’t judge the 300,000,000+ ( near 20% ) pro-jihah/sharia muslims as misunderstanding the quran when they appear to fully understand it as does ISIS, Hamas , Hizballah, Iran, and the Toronto-18 muslim terrorist that tried to use truck-bombs to slaughter 10,000+ civilians to punish Canada because Chretien sent out troops to Afghanistan to kill muslims.