Gatineau man’s Reddit post showing ‘lazy’ Canada Post delivery goes viral

This is what happens when government workers are oppressed.


  • The Butterfly

    Delivery drones now.

  • Proud Postie

    What? That’s a good delivery.

    If it goes missing that is theft and not the Post Office’s fault.

  • DMB

    It used to be teachers would go on strike in Ontario once or twice in a decade. Now with the Liberals particularly under Kathleen Wynne it has become almost every year we hear of teachers going on strike. The more you give public sector unions the more demanding they become.

  • marty_p

    UPS are no better. They delivered a laptop to the front steps of a NY NY apartment building and their rep couldn’t understand why the intended recipient didn’t get the delivery.

  • Jay Currie

    So, you see the oversized boxes to the left. Genius postal workers put the parcels in the boxes and leave the keys for the recipient in their box. This is actually quite a solid solution…But you have to use it.

  • Exile1981

    Back in 2000 I bought some surplus postal sorting carts from government auction. They were yellow with grey bins. When I got them back to the shop and pulled out a bin I found a letter stuck underneath it. I found 3 letters and when I tried to return them to the post office I ended up getting an RCMP visit because the posty reported me for mail theft.

    Luckily the RCMP guy was understanding and when I explained the same thing I explained to the posty he filed it as that I found it not stole it.

  • And they wonder why no one likes Canada Post.