Canadians have flown 3, count em 3, combat missions in Syria these past 3 months

Three months after a contentious vote to expand Canada’s combat mission against Islamic State into Syria, Canadian fighter jets have attacked targets there just three times.

Military officials also said at a briefing in Ottawa on Thursday that Canadian war planes are dropping bombs in only about one-third of the missions they fly against Islamic State forces‎ in both Iraq and Syria.

The military’s main spokesman for the mission offered little insight into why Canadian Armed Forces appear to be almost bystanders in the air war over Syria, other than to say that coalition leaders determine combat assignments.

  • infedel

    Let the house of saud pay and fight their wars;without our Western tech and arms.

  • Gaian

    Why should any civilized country get involved with islamics fighting each other? Let them kill as many of themselves off as possible and then go in later and wipe out the rest. Then the mess can be bulldozed under and intelligent people can make something good.

  • Just as I suspected. No one is serious about destroying ISIS.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    The fewer the better for us.

  • pike bishop

    The airframes would not probably take much more strain anyway.
    I wonder how many general officers (& colonels & majors & captains) it takes to supervise this Potemkin village of a war.

  • Spreorke

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