BBC Admits Covering Up Palestinian Anti-Semitism

Even before the BBC’s new documentary on last summer’s war in Gaza airs, the broadcasting organization has admitted that it distorts the truth in order to make the Palestinians appear more sympathetic.

The documentary, entitled “Children of Gaza,” aims at depicting how Operation Protective Edge affected children living in and around the Gaza Strip.

The program has not yet aired, but according to the Jewish Chronicle the Palestinians’ testimonies were mistranslated in order to cover up frequent anti-Semitic comments.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    But what if “the Jews” don’t want to be shot?

  • Alain

    At least the BBC admits it; something our CBC would never do. I guess one must be thankful for even the smallest things.

    • Gary

      True, look at how long they covered for that Iranni background racist muslim that assaulted and beat up non-muslim white females.
      The CBC had also kept using Sheema Khan from CAIR as the moderate voice for muslims in canada even after her pro-sharia islamic org was exposed for funding hamas in the 2008 FBI terrorism trial where CAIR funnelled donation to a bogus islamic charity that sent money to hamas and other terrorism groups .

      CBC’s “Diversity” policy forced them to gab the first brown muslims they could find that spoke proper english or wore a costume to show they were a TRUE muslim.
      So much for the CBC trying to counter the image of islams followers being prone to embrace terrorism and misogyny , Khan and Jian invalidated that policy pretty fast .

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The correspondent is so full of shit that if you gave her an enema, you could fit her inside a shoebox.

  • Gary

    I thought the video was from Regent Parkistan or a radical Mosque in canada (pick one) .

  • Spreorke

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  • marty_p

    From the perspective of the Israeli’s.

  • Hard Little Machine

    The BBC is negotiating to bring that show to Britain.