Bad Cats


    • Justin St.Denis

      No such thing! Some cats are simply more demanding masters than other cats. You have to choose your feline betters with discernment.

  • dukestreet

    Most of the time the cats feel threatened in some way or other. The ones knocking stuff over are just doing what comes naturally. Sometimes they are truly being nasty.

    The cat with the owl was fortunate it was inside. if it was outside it would have been the owl’s dinner. owls are surprisingly strong. The cat would not have survived, especially since the owl appeared to be very determined.

    Alot of bad animal behavior is the fault of the owners.

    • Petey

      Well, mine could be a jerk but he was totally lovable. Miss the big goof.

  • Brett_McS

    Who wouldn’t shred styrofoam packing like that if humans had claws?

  • angrymike

    My lady made pork tenderloins, we took a few out of the pan to eat, well we weren’t watching the cat, he took the biggest piece out of the pan and ran off with it, what a brat………