Aleppo’s battle rages on

For the past two days, battles in Aleppo stole the spotlight, only to wind down afterward. In Damascus, fierce battles were fought in Jobar, marring stability in the city, without bringing about any significant change to the map of power. Meanwhile, Syrian army forces and supporting factions continued with their advance into Hasakah, announcing full control over the eastern Nashwa neighborhood, reaching what’s known as the electricity roundabout. This is in addition to advancements into al-Ghab, and the capture of four villages.

  • RonaldDGold

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  • African

    May God give victory to the Syrian army against the evil alliance of barbaric international jihadists and their stupid Western backers.

  • Musibitury44

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  • Norman_In_New_York

    May the bloodbath continue until the last goon and thug has assumed room temperature.

  • Islam – the cult of death – doing what it does.

    Get out of the way and let the Muslims continue killing Muslims.

    But then let’s blame it on the Jews.

  • African

    Syrian army and Assad’s government protect millions of Christians and other minorities who would be mass-slaughtered by the Western-backed Islamic jihadists if Assad falls. America, Canada and Nato have ABSULTELY No concern for these millions of minorities and all they do is back and support ISIS and other jihadists that are fighting Assad.