Why All Non-Muslims Should Become Acquainted With Islamic Doctrine

If the detractors of the counterjihad dissidentsare correct, the “extremists” are taking the violent passages from the Koran out of context and Islam is really a religion of peace.

If misreading Islamic doctrine was the actual cause of the world’s Islam problem, the solution would be helping Muslims read the Koran and the rest of Islamic doctrine and understand it correctly. Or perhaps we could simply rely on basic human decency and treat Muslims well and they will reciprocate and we can all live in peace.

  • ed

    ” it isn`t islamophobia when thet realy are trying to kill you “

  • Exile1981

    I reject that I suffer from Islamophobia and instead suggest that the media suffer from Islamophillia

    • Blacksmith

      AMEN! Worshiping a goat raping pedophile.

  • born_bred_canadian

    muslim and peace in the same sentance, now that’s funny.

  • pdxnag

    Ah, but the problem is that more “Muslims” can read now and they see that their good book calls for violence against unbelievers, and they like it because it makes them genuine Muslims not false Muslims.