SVT (Swedish Televison) Apologetic About Not Giving Proper Childbirth To Beggars In Sweden

As of late, it appears that the propaganda from SVT and SR (Swedish Radio) has softened. Tino Sanandaji (economics) says it trumps the reality and pulverizes the claim of the positive effects of immigration.

The Arena group’s idea – which is a think-tank – on the leftist corner, in turn is financed by the LO (Swedish Trade Union Confederation), released a report on the positive effect of immigration, and earning the Swedish people a staggering 900 billion Swedish crowns (~106 billion dollars).

As per tradition, D.N. (Daily News) reported – as did Sadvikenrapporten – on the massive winnings that the immigration has supplied to Sweden; the very same day they said IS-terrorists do not pose any threat to Sweden. Sanadaji did a short report with this statement (Google translate to read the report).

These days, it is SVT that tells the story of a sixteen year old Beatrice who begs in Sweden and is saddened by the fact that the average taxpayer in Sweden does not pay for her delivery of her unborn child. SVT mentions of a new law that stipulate that even immigrants (who lack the right credentials/ID) should be given substantial care, although it is for those who “can’t refuse”, but to this effect, the Swedish taxpayers should stand for 250.000 Swedish crowns (~$30.000).

Look, I don’t like any child to suffer, but coming to Sweden and “begging” for rights – as opposed to doing so in any other country – should be a fine line. What this shows is the naivety of the “good-hearted” Swedes who cannot see past their kindness and benevolence.  If you can make the decision to plan for a family, then you can provide for yourself. Otherwise, it’s just a scheme.



Hi Everyone!

I’d like you all to welcome “Swedish Citizen” to BCF.

He is a Swede! Which means we can all look forward to his reports from of all places – Sweden!

  • So these are illegal immigrants. Roma or other?

  • Swedish Citizen

    Roma. They demands things and will be doing another article about how a
    family of “beggars” drive cars worth thousands of dollars: new cars,
    luxury cars, and yet they have to beg…? Of course, none of this is
    even mentioned on the mainstream media. They don’t dare. Why? The
    “racist” hammer. Which is ridiculous since it has nothing to do with
    race, but culture and code.

    They do this because it’s organized
    and they KNOW Swedes are benevolent and kind. And so, they take
    advantage of this. 87 pro cent of Swedes voted for this, and they get
    what they payed for… literally. Yet, the politicians are mighty-high
    in the clouds, living in “lala land”.

    This is serious, and it
    needs to be adressed! Also, just a few years back, beggars were an
    unknown phenomenon in Sweden. Now, it is pandemic. They are literally
    everywhere! Every major store, every avenue – right there. Begging and
    looking you in the eyes. I feel it, I see it every day, and many others
    do too.

    Yet it is censored in mainstream media. There is an
    agenda. There is no other explanation. Most politicians live in areas
    where it still resembles “old Sweden”: that is, ethnic Swedes. They
    don’t even live in areas that have soaring crime rates! So it is little
    wonder they see the actual reality.

    I sometimes wonder if they
    go on the net and search if what us “crazy people” are telling them is
    true… Are they that stupid? Or are they just willingly obeying a
    higher power? Because I can’t tell anymore. And it is too obvious that
    any law enforcement is afraid of even mentioning ethnicity in their
    report of committed crimes. They fear their job, you see.

    I love
    this country, I really do. I love the nature, the fresh air and the
    somewhat rainy conditions. It’s pure and alive. And I’d be damned if
    someone said I could not enjoy it anymore because a “god” demanded it.
    No way in hell.

    I sometimes thing about the movie ‘A Clockwork
    Orange’ and imagine the scene where where the protagonist is forced to
    watch with his eyes forcefully open; having to administer drops as to
    not dry his eyes. Same medicine for the politicians in Sweden is due.
    They need to see the reality. They must.

    Or else we face the medieval ages, all over again.It’s alway about time…

    • Ah OK thanks. It seems worse than we had imagined!

    • Nanoaggressive

      Think about the scene where the husband is forced to watch his wife raped

      That’s your future and Sweden deserves it.

      But, perhaps it will cull the faggot herd and force real Swedes to find their manhood to slaughter Muslims

    • Petey

      For the “average” Swede, though, who does not live in the parts of Sweden that are like “Old Sweden” – they must see all the changes, the beggars, the violence and crime. Do you think the average Swede’s attitude toward all this immigration is changing? I find it hard to believe that they don’t mind all these negative changes.

      Also, thank you for agreeing to help BCF sometimes. I look forward to hearing your “inside” view on the situation in Sweden.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Unfortunately, Citizen, you are actually in a quite small minority in Sweden.

    • Roma is the capital of Italy – those are common gypsies, who have mastered the art of begging and pickpocketing to its highest level. Bulgaria and Romania are willing to pay them a one-way bus ticket to Sweden to enrich you.

  • Elephant in the Thread

    Nice to see you join the team Swedish Citizen! I will look forward to all your postings! I know Sweden has been taking a full multicultural brain washing drubbing. We wish you luck in maintaining, promoting and hopefully bring your country back to a land where the Swedish identity can once again thrive.

    • Swedish Citizen

      Amen 😉

  • Brett_McS

    Welcome Swedish Citizen! Let’s hope you end up documenting a turn around in Sweden, rather than just reporting on Sweden as an object lesson on what not to do.

  • Welcome Swedish Citizen!

    Be good! Just, not so good as to make me look bad.

  • Clink9

    Welcome Swede, I’ve seen your work on Hell On Wheels. Excellent.

  • The_Infidel_01

    A HUGE HELLLLLLLOOOOOOO to Swedish Citizen. Looking forward to all your reporting from Bulgaria, ah no, Denmark, oh no, Russia? ah no again, from Sweden, yay. Looking forward to reading what is going on in your corner of the globe matey ole pal.