Great, just what we needed. The Islamic Party Of Canada

The Party platform covers all the bases.

Hate Israel? Check

Want a Caliphate? Check

Batshit Crazy Muslim Supremacists? Check

The purpose of this party is to give a voice to those who are in favour of political, economic, and educational reform, bringing back the global renaissance started in the Islamic world 1200-900 years ago. This “voice” will criticize wrongdoings of the current Canadian government and governments abroad, represent, and encourage the knowledge process and seeking of knowledge, protect minorities, create a peaceful environment (i.e., not fuelled by fear and hate), and provide adequate homeland security.

The good news? They haven’t reached the 250 minimum needed for party registration.

h/t Meir

  • Martin B

    They’ve got one thing right:

    “The denomination of Islam as a ‘religion’ is a misnomer at best”

    That’s correct, Islam is an evil Cult of Death invented by a goat-raping lunatic who wanted to rule the world.

  • eMan14

    I thought we already have that party… only we call it the Liberals.

    • Justin must have become too radical for them.

      • Exile1981

        Nope they just finished using the Liberals.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      No, the Liberals are stuck in the Church of the Poison Mind.

  • Bill #2

    “protect minorities” = ‘protect’ dhimmis for an appropriately-escalating regular jizya payment (as long as those minorities know their place as permanent second or third class citizens.)

    “bringing back the global renaissance started in the Islamic world 1200-900 years ago” = Caliphate/Khalifate = the theocratic form of government not just allowed to wage holy war against the infidel as an offensive (instead of defensive actions), but actually required to do so every year.

    • Muslim supremacists. Our asshole politicians thought importing them by the hundreds of thousands was a swell idea.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Instead of saying fuck at work sometimes I say that’s fantastic.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Even the way they count is backwards.
      We don’t say 60-50 years ago.
      We say 50 or 60 years ago.

  • PapayaSF

    “Step right up and add your names and contact information to this terror watch list party registration petition!”

  • Barrington Minge

    Useful…get all yer mooslims to sign up then ship ’em all out to Syria…result!!

  • Gary

    This is what happens when Barbara Hall and the SCOC gives a Death-Cult that equal status to a religion for Charter protection.

    Now that the homofascists and femininazi’s have stabbed every religious group in the back outside of islam, lets see how they react when the day comes where the islamists are a valid threat to want a Caliphate to sanction flogging women and murdering gays for allah and there is NOBODY on their side to rescue them and fight for their rights.

    These haters fought for the right to have Pizza after a gay wedding while others wanted men’s clubs to allow women in them . This while isis rapes women and makes them sex-slave as well as ISIS not tossing gays from roof tops as a favour to allah.
    Thousands died on the beaches of Normandy to keep the fascists off Canada soil , but now the fascists just come to Canada on Planes as ” Refugees” or immigrants that are fleeing islamic oppression and yet once here, they set-up shop to demand sharia law and used the TDSB and Barbara Hall to demand a Mosque in the Valley park public school.

    If I wanted to live in an islamic hell-hole where they murder gays and abuse women, I’d move to iran or Gaza .

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      What a lot of people are missing these days is that the mainstreaming of gay culture is causing their community to dissolve.
      There’s a club in Winnipeg that recently closed called Gio’s that had been around for thirty years.
      It’s gone, because they don’t have their clique anymore.
      The survivors who ended up shutting it down sounded like people in a small town community club closing up after the last kid moves away.
      Once the one percent of the population that are gay have equal rights then no one will have to listen to them anymore.

      • Censored_EG

        You mean the “three washrooms” gang won’t be aggressively campaigning for the one in 100,000 mentally ill people who had a gender re-assignment operation instead of much needed psychiatric counselling?

      • Gary

        What i found so odd was that back in the late 1980’s there was a man in my area that dressed in women’s clothes ( minus the dresses) with perfume and rouge right up to about 2009 , this because we saw the Human Rights commission extend Rights to cross-dresser and for some reason the same man now wears jeans and men’s outfits .
        He finally got the Charter protection to affirm his desires to dress like a women and yet it looks like it’s no longer trendy to rebel and provoke responses so he gave it.
        This was NOT a women in a mans body , it was a mental disorder to crave for attention by dressing in a way to cause people to look at him.

        Once the Trans People have their 15 minutes of fame, the media and Politicians will find some new group to portray as victims such as trans-quadrapeds where someone claims there is a dog or four legged animal inside them that’s stuck in a bi-pedal body. CUPE will fight for a benefit that funds
        mobility re-assignment from two legs to four , but the new problem will be that they can NOT be left alone in a car on a hot day or go outside in very cold weather.

  • HaroldJYoung

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    • Minicapt

      Hi Billy-Bob the Ity-Bitty.


  • Clausewitz

    So all Mosques will be losing their charitable status right? Right?

  • Markalta

    They don’t mention if one has to be a pedophile to join, or just accept their pedophile prophet and be ok with it…let’s hope CSIS gets the membership list for future reference.

  • I knew that Justin was down in the polls but this seems like a radical step. Who’s going to change all of that Liberal Party letterhead?

  • Linda1000

    Before this new party becomes official, the Ottawa immigration and refugee reform should read this.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Think positive, they’ll steal Justin Trudeau’s votes.

  • Musibitury44

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  • Tom Quiggin

    Will the “Islamic Party of Canada” go on record & reject the writings of Hassan Banna, Sayid Qutb and al-Maududi? These are the main Muslim Brotherhood writers. Of note, the Chief Electoral Officer of the party says he is from the Maritime Muslim Academy, which had Dr Jamal Badawi as its driving force. Badawi is identified by the MB itself as a “Masul” in the Brotherhood and he is an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism prosecutions in the USA.

  • jayme

    A few weeks ago i said we will see a Islamic Party Of Canada and i was called crazy .

  • New Centurion

    Only a matter of time…and they just need to elect one member, they can sit next to Elizabeth May… all thanks to the immigration policies of Mr. Government.

  • truthdareisay

    They haven’t reached 250 members yet? Whatz da problem? Just publicize their party in the Toronto Star and the CBC website and walla! you know.. voila!

    • Censored_EG

      Or Islamissauga… or Scarboristan… or Danforth east of Pape, etc. etc. etc.

  • Censored_EG

    Justin “Jihad” Trudeau will propose a merger with this group of “Canadian” citizens to better embrace the vibrant multiculturalism and diversity his Liberal party celebrates.

    • Alain

      He likely would, but once they have their foot in the door they won’t be interested, since he will be of no more use.

  • Allan

    This is what happens when you keep importing Islamists into a country. We need a strong PM who will tell it like it is and walk the walk. Stop importing so-called “refugees” from these Islamic countries. Let other islamic countries take them. We don’t need them in Canada. They refuse to assimilate for the most part and eventually when there are enough of them, they start demanding that we change our laws and customs to suit them.

  • Sit there and laugh but their property tax proposals are quite sensible.

    But seriously, it is obvious to anyone who reads a newspaper that any imitation of government in Islamist countries is a farce. Why repeat that here?

    How will they court the gay vote?

  • fuck you

    if this isn’t rasism what is P.S i mean the comments you put. you guys are rasist not islamic party of canada