Father’s tribute to his 7/7 terrorist son: Family of bus bomber Hasib Hussain are seen at teenage killer’s grave on 10th anniversary of London attacks

Mr Ali told the BBC: ‘I asked him the question that does he know that his son did this? He really believes that his son didn’t do it and he was telling me more about his grief and his loss then mine really.

‘I kind of like feel pity for them, feel sorry for them, that they had a son who was living in their house for 18 years and they didn’t have a clue that he was hiding some big dark secret.’

The name ‘Hasib’ on the front gates of the family home has also angered the families of his victims.

  • ontario john

    Well, because as the media keeps telling us islam has nothing to do with terrorism. On the CBC’s Power and Politics tonight, the NDP and Liberals are outraged at the Senate report on terrorism. And the NDP spokesperson stated that Christians in Canada should be treated the same way as muslilms because Christians commit acts to terrorism as well. Yes, according to the NDP Christians are rampaging around the world murdering and causing general havoc.

    • Oh for cripes sake.

    • k1992

      Fine – let them have cameras in the churches to record all those treasonous sermons that obviously take place there. They just better damn well do the same in mosques.