“Beggars” Drive Fancy Luxurious BMW’s And Still Resort To Begging…?

The mainstream media will ENVER report on this. But a beggar family drives cars worth tens of thousands of dollars! So why do they beg? According to P4 (Swedish Radio) they did not know about this. Yet, ‘Fria Tider’ found out that the supposed beggars had several luxurious cars registered in their name. One must ask: how is this possible? A curious citizen of Umeå wanted to know if the beggar’s condition were as bad as reported… Which lead him to search for the truth. He found out that the “beggars” – which had their 15 minutes of fame on T.V. – told another, much more sinister story.

The citizen who got too curious, found himself and his family with threats from the leftist extremists. He said that he is not a Sverige Democrat (Swedish Democrat), but that he did agree on certain points about the beggar situation. He also said that the media – who portrayed the beggars as something to pity – did not always tell the truth. He said that if they are so poor, they should just sell their expensive cars.

When ‘Fria TIder’ called the Swedish Transport Agency, they said that the beggar family owned seven cars in total. And that they did not know about this – P4 that is. Odd; how a single citizen can do the work of a several “journalists”. I do smell some bias and fear of that “racist” hammer. When will this country wake up? When will they wake up and see the truth? People from foreign countries are RAPING this country senseless, and mainstream media plays along to bias opinions.

What will it take? It’s already proven that there is organized begging in Sweden. But the mainstream media will not touch it. Are we to succumb to our own kindness and naivety? Are we too afraid to tackle the real questions in this country? When the obvious evidence stares you in the eye – literally begging you – you are supposed to think. But many Swedes do not think. They just go with the flow.

It’s sad, because it is resembling North Korea where information is censored. And Internet is limited and monitored. Anything that is not politically correct, is shunned and labeled. So what are we supposed to do? I am not a racist, and I do understand that people are used daily. I am sure beggars – or at least some of them – are forced to beg, since it is proven as an organized profession. But how are we to tackle this?

Source: www.friatider.se

  • Wow! Nice work if you can get it!

  • Clink9

    You say you want a revolution?

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    I’m moving to Sweden!

  • terrence

    A few years ago, I read an article about a bunch of evil conservatives who would go to food banks and watch the people who were getting a lot of free food. They contacted some other evil conservatives who would follow the people with all the free food. All most all of them walked a few blocks and got into very big, expensive, gas guzzling SUVs. or big mini-vans. This happened at a LOT of food banks they checked out.

  • Alain

    First I wish to thank Swedish Citizen for providing a view from on the ground in Sweden.

    I am not surprised in the least by what is reported here, as I, and a few friends, have witnessed the exact same thing in Canada other than the “needy’ only owned one or two expensive vehicles. This is exactly why I refuse to donate to “beggars” or food banks. I have no hesitation in doing all I can in assisting a case known personally, but nothing for the rest.

    The thing that did strike me in this report was the person almost proudly announcing that he does not belong to the Swedish Democratic Party and that he is not one of them. I find the same disconnect here in Canada, where people proudly proclaim they are not conservative and would not vote Conservative even when it is the only party that shares most of their views. This is exactly how the Left gets elected and once elected, people get upset that marxist policies are implemented. I am well aware that there can never be a political party that shares and supports all my views, but I am also aware that voting for any party on the Left is a vote for marxism whose goal is the elimination of personal freedom and personal responsibility along with just about everything worthwhile in a traditionally free society.

  • ntt1

    A gas station worker was curious about the squeegee kid who came in for toilet breaks and water refills , he followed the girl after she cleaned up and was astounded to see her hop into a late model truck and drive off just like a factory worker at shift end. this was alleged to happen about a year ago at the first and rupert gas station, she parked nearby but worked at the lights down on ist and boundary area. Commercial begging pays really well.

    • Alain

      Not the least bit unusual.

  • Swedish Citizen

    They are literally outside every major store. Sometimes, they look you right in the eye and start acting very emotional; waving with their hands, saying ‘please’ and whatnot. Even seen elderly swedes comment when they walk past them, or are about to go into the story. ‘I hope you don’t get any money’ is what some say. People are starting to notice. And I shudder to think what will happen to all of these THOUSANDS of beggars that have arrived in few short years.