“When we behead someone, we’re obeying Sharia Law,”

Italian jihadist defends ‘perfect’ Islamic State

In a chilling interview over Skype, a 28-year-old Italian woman who joined the ranks of Isis last year told Corriere della Sera that the Islamic State is a “perfect country” and when the group beheads people, it is simply obeying Sharia Law.

Spain detains suspected female Isis recruiter

Spanish police arrested on Tuesday a woman on the Canary Islands suspected of recruiting girls and teenagers for the Islamic State group, the interior ministry said.

France probes theft of explosives from army

France’s ministry of defense has ordered security checks be carried out on all army bases after thieves looted explosives and scores of detonators from a depot in the south. The theft comes as the country remains on high alert for terror attacks.

  • Surele Surele

    So how about serving up your pretty, little head, Maria Julie Sergio?

  • WhiteRabbit3

    Many in the west, including I suspect Trudeau, think that Islamic radicals are misunderstood and just need to be treated respectively for them to become model citizens.
    They can not fathom that there are brutal fascists in this world who wish to destroy liberal democracy by any means possible, and are not open to what we consider reason.

    • mobuyus

      trudeau knows as much about islamic terrorism as the average five year old does. He reads no news, his handlers keep him abreast of anything of progressive importance to a liberal narrative.

  • Hard Little Machine

    It’s hysterically funny that there’s hundreds even thousands of these people in Europe right now and they go on the news and social media every single day and patiently explain how they’re going to slaughter all of us in the service of their beliefs and no one, I mean no one actually does anything about that. At all.

    • k1992

      I wonder if their heads will continue smiling inanely as they roll away from the torsos.

    • Neill Coulson

      and i try my my best to explain the the facts of the new Third islamic takeover but i get hated and banned for it

  • Barrington Minge

    Oh yes, we have to slavishly follow the “law”…could not possibly use what little brain we have to say “hold on a moment, this is wrong”