When Political Correctness Blinds Iran Reporting

The Washington Post’s Ishaan Tharoor has a short piece at the newspaper’s “WorldViews” blog about “How Not to Write about Iran.” In short, he chides Western writers for bias and argues that they err when ascribing any culturally specific or different mindset to Iran that they would to other countries or adversaries.

  • ontario john

    Forget all that unimportant stuff. Canada plays Brazil at water polo. Canadians have been waiting years for this most important sports event in history.

    • ntt1

      that must be quite the sight; all those aquatic polo ponies (hippopotami?)swimming bravely as the mallets fly and riders struggle to stay in the saddle. get Cherry to commentate and you might have something.

  • David Murrell

    The National Post, today (Tuesday July 7), has an excellent piece by Charles Krauthammer destroying the Obama/Kerry quisling negotiating posture. Can’t provide the link.