Sorcerer electrocuted by ISIS

( Diyala – A senior security source in Diyala province announced on Monday, that the so-called Islamic state in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) executed a civilian by electrocution in northern Salahuddin, after being accused of sorcery.

Facts about Electrocution


  • mobuyus

    If all our muscles pulled in the same direction we would be capable of lifting 25 tons.

    • jayme

      I can do 15 but … 25? Wow!

      Seriously though, that’s pretty amazing – makes me think of those stories (urban legends?) of petite mothers lifting cars to pull their child out from underneath. Adrenaline can only do so much….

      • Exile1981

        The few confirmed cases of that actually happening had some serious muscle problems after the incidents. I remember reading that the adrenaline shut off the pain receptors and the moms lifted cars but tore muscles.

        • jayme

          Makes sense. I wonder about the skeleton too – the strongest men in the world can put roughly half a tonne on their shoulders. Add in their weight of 250, 300 pounds and – human bones can only take so much.

          • I sprained something looking at her.

          • jayme

            Serves you right: Cynically putting a photo of an attractive, bikini-clad woman on a story about electrocution in Iraq was … probably a good idea. 😉

      • mobuyus

        I once helped lift a 2 ft.X20 ft. I beam off an injured worker with the help of a few others. I was told after, that I had the beam off the mans legs just as help arrived. The man survived with a compound fracture and took early retirement.

        • jayme

          I’m glad your back survived the encounter (but I’m assuming that you were used to lifting and knew proper technique).

          • mobuyus

            A sore back has been an old friend to me.

  • Petey

    “The penalty for those who call lightning from the heavens shall be that they themselves be struck by lightning!” It’s in the koran somewhere, no doubt (or maybe that was a hadith) – look it up! 😉

  • andycanuck

    That’s shocking!
    So is that news story from Iraq.

  • Blacksmith

    When I looked at the picture I felt a tingle, was I being electrocuted?????

  • Barrington Minge

    She can jerk my muscle anytime…..