“Shunned”: A film about Palestinian gays and lesbians in Israel

The Rebel is proud to present the world online premiere of Shunned, a documentary by Igal Hecht about Palestinian gays and lesbians seeking refuge in Israel.

h/t DM

  • roccolore

    Queers for Palestine objects.

    • No way;)

      • David Murrell

        I wonder what happen to Palestinian gays if the Islamic State took over?

        • ntt1

          same thing as happened to fatah operatives when hamas moved in, a march to a high rise roof top then an imprecation to allah for the gift of flight as you plunge to the ground.

  • truthdareisay

    They feel “free” in Israel but some still objects to Israel being an “occupier”, iso feeling so grateful for Israel being there, because if no Israel, those talking about Israel occupying “Palestine” would probably be dead by now.. by hanging or by throwing off rooftops.