I KNEW This was Going To Happen! – Biker Gangs Recruiting Ex-Special Forces Members

MARSOC Motorcycle Gangs in Afghanistan.

MARSOC Motorcycle Gangs in Afghanistan.

If you sign up for the right MOS, and you get a few breaks, you could find yourself attending schools that teach you how to steal any car, shoot any gun, build bombs better than MacGyver, practice effective counter surveillance, and even outdrive and counter-drive (drive against) the police while making your getaway, all compliments of the Federal government.

That’s the cool part, the other part is just how do you keep that skillset sharp when you rotate out of the military and back into the civilian world? Joining a 1% biker gang might be one way!

“It always concerns us when people with specialized training in weapons and explosives is involved in a criminal enterprise,” said Chris Amon, the Denver spokesman for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.”

Yeah, I bet it does.

One aspect totally unmentioned in this story is the U.S. Military’s bizarre attitude about drunk driving arrests is that you now have soldiers that are this highly trained, that have their careers instantly ended by just one, who then now pick up a little bit of anti-social anti-government attitude. It’s a volatile combination.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Do these gangs advertise in “Soldier Of Fortune?”

    • Shuali

      They don’t have to! People with ‘balls’ will find out that the bikers are a good place to begin resisting the Muslim scourge and the Democratic Party scourge.

  • infedel
  • ntt1

    This is an old problem after WW2 the new labour Government in Britain kept Demobbed troops on station for up to two years and only allowed them to slowly filter back to the smoking ruin that was london. there was a great fear amongst the mostly noncombatant socialist government of flooding the streets with highly trained 20 somethings with no jobs.as it was there were major confrontations between returning troops and striking dock workers.