Brutal murder shows no one is safe from dangerous “Sanctuary City” policies

The murder of Kathryn Steinle in San Francisco by an illegal immigrant who had been ordered deported several times should be a wake up call to city councils everywhere about adopting dangerous “Sanctuary City” policies.

  • Here’s a new one: “Mother, children seriously hurt after being hit by drunk driver who had been deported 6 times”

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Wake up call for politicians? Come on now. Votes and money are more important than the lives of their constituents.

  • Gary

    Prior to the Ontario election it was Wynne that said she would give FREE health care and social services to Illegals , the teachers Union and public sector Union that helped get her elected are now complicit in treason to steal tax dollars from the CRA to give to tourists and illegals in the way of welfare and FREE heath care , plus the school will NOT call in the RCMP and Immigration to expose the illegals that got their children in the school system for FREE .

    Just try to stop paying taxes to the CRA each year as a Citizen , then go under ground to work illegally and use fake ID to get welfare and housing plus FREE health care as your children go to school for FREE .
    Miller and Chow supported the new don’t ask ,don’t tell Policy for the Police that can NOT ask the status of someone in Toronto when stopped or arrested.
    The RCM should should swoop down and arrest those at City Hall that endorse the treason to steal federal dollars from the CRA to give to tourists that don’t want to leave , the Teachers and School staff should be rounded-up too and told what the Laws were for Treason and steal money from tax payers to give to illegals juts to be liked and popular.

    Why even have a Citizenship and CRA when any one of the 7,000,000,000 people outside of Canada can come here to Toronto and get all the Social benefits and NOT pay taxes. In one year Canada had 15,000 people come here from Mexico as ‘Tourists’ and stayed to make a refugee claim for the Welfare and health care . Since Olivia Chow is so rich after 30+ years at the public trough as a parasite and now has 2 MP pension since Jack Died , let her pay for all the illegals she wants to let in and see how long it take before one of them blows her head off with a shot gun and bombs a gay bar as a pro-ISIS islamist from the USA .

    Our Police have been reduced to PR poster persons for Diversity and make up to $90,000.00 a year to have fun at the PRIDE parade as naked males break the Laws meant to protect children from perv’s in public. It’s no big shock the Ben Levin was close to Wynne and the TDSB since the new sex-ed promotes a quasi homoerotic life style , plus, CAMH wants to make pedophilia a mental illness from birth to get Charter Rights protection and only be a crime once a child is harmed.
    Wynne refuses to enforce federal laws and I expect John Tory will join her just to be liked and popular with illegals and the rainbow groups.

    Why even have laws if the Police take their orders from the Human Rights Commissions for which group must obey them while other groups can break them .

  • Maurixio Garcia Sanchez

    If deportations are not working,put them in concentrations camps for few years ,that might work.