Who are the Kurds? A user’s guide to Kurdish politics

For the first time, fighters from all the big Kurdish factions in the Middle East, the whole alphabet soup of KDP, PUK, PKK and YPG, will be fighting alongside each other in the same battle – the defence of Kobane from Isil in Syria. For the Kurds – who aspire to statehood, it’s a hugely powerful moment. But just who are all these factions, and why do they matter?:

Here is a cut out and keep guide to Kurdish political groups…

  • DD_Austin

    Who are the Kurds?

    They’re muslims, that all we need know

  • Glenfilthie

    If you ask me these are just more ignorant, hateful fig farming goat feltchers that will turn on us the second it is to their advantage to do so. About their only redeeming value is as cannon fodder and useful fools to use against their even filthier simian cousins.
    Were it my call, I would move the Israelis out and once they were clear – I would drop a great big nuke on that dump and leave it for the buzzards.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Alliances may turn on a dime in that part of the world, but as long as the Kurds have it within themselves to make life miserable for the Turkish and Iranian authorities, I would back them.

  • Gaian

    The Kurds are islamics that kill other islamics who kill Kurds. I’m all for islamics killing each other.