The Penumbra School of Law

I was watching in horror a series of Mark Dice videos of interviews in which passersby signed petitions to repeal the First Amendment to shut down criticism of Obama because it was all clearly racist. petitioned to repeal the Bill of Rights; revealed they didn’t know when and why we celebrate the Fourth of July; signed up to ban the American flag and replace it with a New World Order one.

I wanted to believe the people responding were outliers — just ignorant San Diego beachgoers. Unfortunately there are too many indications they are not, and that this disregard for the Constitution and its protections, this lack of knowledge of our history and how it shaped the Constitution, and why it is important to us, are rife in both the states and the federal government .


  • Minicapt

    They need try it in Canada; we should be good for a higher score.


  • Civic knowledge and generally IQ levels have gone down in the past 20-30 years. Why should they care about the bill of rights, when there is big arse Kardashians to watch?

  • Hard Little Machine

    Some other Mark Dice videos include “support mandatory euthanasia of senior citizens”, “support Obama’s infanticide program”, “support the creation of a police state modeled after the Nazis”.