The ‘international brigade’ of foreign fighters joining up to help Kurdish Peshmerga tackle Islamists

On Iraq’s northern front, a marksman with the Kurdish Peshmerga looked down at the body of the dead Isis fighter, examining his weapon with keen interest. It was not just an unusual find on these front lines, a submachine gun dating from the Second World War, but it had also been curiously decorated by its previous owner, with pieces of what looked like human bone.

“It had a piece of spinal cord for a forward grip,” said the marksman, an American ex-soldier volunteering with the Kurds to fight Isis. “If that doesn’t sound satanic then I don’t know what does.”

  • Doug Kursk

    ISIS got its hands on several thousand WW2 German Stg 43’s and MP-44’s from Syrian armouries, having been supplied by the Soviets during the cold war era.