Pat Condell: How to insult a “progressive”

  • Ron MacDonald

    Most are too clueless to realize they’ve been insulted.

  • Icebow

    I’d go as far as to describe him as my favourite atheist, but then he’s the only public one I don’t entirely despise.

  • kkruger71

    I find all it takes to get them really worked up is to state your opinion in in a calm, rational, thought out manner. Nothing seems to get them angrier than not hearing any “buzzwords/dog whistles/coded phrases” that they can latch onto and call you -ist or -phobic for saying. When they can’t attack your character, they can’t fight the argument and are just left with “you don’t understand” or “what you’re saying leads to hate crimes”.

    • LauraS

      They REALLY hate it when you call them on their debate tactics: “You haven’t disputed any of his/her points. You just called them names. That’s another way of yelling ‘Shut Up!’ and is the surefire sign of a losing argument.”

      A distant relative–(gay, is a TA for a university bird course, still lives with mommy & daddy)–blew up when I pointed out the ways he was trying to shut down debate and silence an opinion he didn’t agree with. Hilarious!

  • MRHapla

    Pat Condell: I am a fan -MRH.

  • Xavier

    1. Say, “Don’t you think Bristol/Sarah Palin’s hawt?”
    2. Take a few steps back to avoid flying rage spittle.

  • Observer

    He is wrong. You don’t have to even express an opinion.

    You just have to be a non-Marxist Caucasian with a penis to offend them.

  • John

    Boy can I relate to that. Condell’s journey away from ‘progressives’ has been much the same as mine.