Body parts, bloody battles and being one of the boys: Model who went to fight ISIS in Syria reveals horrors she saw on the frontline

A former model who swapped her comfortable life to fight ISIS in Syria has told of the horrors of her time in battle on the frontline.

Stunning Tiger Sun said she saw a little girl, who had been blown up by a landmine, die because the Kurds have no medical training.

She also revealed how, on patrol, she trod on a charred finger and looked round – but couldn’t find the body it belonged to.

The former model, 46, fought jihadist fighters from Islamic State for four months with the Kurdish YPJ (People’s Protection Units), until her legs buckled under the weight of her kit and malnutrition forced her to return home to Canada.

  • Kaye

    “It’s very close to a matriarchal society. It was normal for a 17-year-old-girl to be in charge of an entire guard watch of men.”

    Really? Could that be accurate? I personally find it a little hard to believe (they’re Muslims, after all), but it would be kind of neat if true.

    • Evidently the Tauregs who are also “Muslim” have granted women a very broad sway.

      • Kaye

        I’ve heard it suggested that women gained a degree of power in western society partly as a consequence of WW2 – with most men away, women had to do the work which had previously been done by men. (And when the men came home, naturally enough, many of the women didn’t much like having to give up the “status” they’d just attained.)

        Anyway, I wonder if something similar is happening/could happen with the Kurds – out of necessity, women are taking leadership roles and combat roles. If they ever have peace again, would the women be content with subordinate roles in their society? I would hope not, personally.

        • Norman_In_New_York

          If Kurdish women gain the ability to attain universal monogamy in their Muslim society, that would be a triumph.

        • El Martyachi

          Yes maybe, one day, the Kurds could, just like us, have a dysfunctional postmodern feminist theocracy too. The possibilities are boundless…

          I have no issue with females fighting out of necessity. But there’s some horrific schrodinger ID politics phenomenon that reliably manifests when the “role of women” becomes a point of contention.

          • Kaye

            Point taken. But in fairness, in which society would you prefer to live, our own where, arguably, feminists possess an inordinate amount of influence and males are at a disadvantage, or a wonderful patriarchal Islamic society such as Saudi Arabia, for instance? Even as a male, that place would suck.

            Of course, the ideal (in my opinion at least) would be a society where males and females were truly equal in status, power and value. In practice and not just in theory. I don’t know if any such society ever has existed, or ever will, but it would be nice.

          • El Martyachi

            They’re (you’re?) called the fairer sex for a reason or, “how I learned to stop worrying and love the burka.”

          • Kaye

            I offer an olive branch and it is declined (rather brusquely, I might add). Hmph – last time I do that.

          • El Martyachi
          • Petrilla

            Don’t let a little thing like that stop you, just keep commenting. We all want an equal society, well, most of us in the Western world do. I am sticking up for this woman, who has been there, most com enters here have not. I will take what she says at face value. Her picture of two young women cuddling a Teddy bear, says don’t take THIS at face value, these girls are killers. Which I imagine most of us would be if we had seen our own families murdered in front of us. I think Tiger Sun of Vancouver is a rare and beautiful and brave woman.

          • Minicapt

            When you’re a ‘newby’, you should perhaps tread with care.


          • No idea why they’re being jerks, Kaye. Your comment seemed perfectly reasonable to me.

            I’m fond of Marty, bless his furry little face, but I suspect his boredom threshold is on the low side.

    • MRHapla

      Yes. The Peshmerga are co-ed.

  • David Murrell

    Notice that the above post is in the British-based Mail Online, and not in any Canadian media. Our media cartel is not the least bit interested.

  • Martin B

    I like her description of the enemy:

    “But she’s not afraid of ISIS, whom she described as a bunch of little men with crazy beards.

    All I saw were a bunch of social misfits pretending to be something bigger than they really were. They use fear tactics to scare people, but in reality they’re not that intimidating”

  • Petrilla

    Welcome home Tiger Sun, a rare woman who actually fought there and has told us of her experiences there. She only returned home because her vegetarian diet at her age made her weak and she did not want to be a detriment to her fellow fighters. I read the article and so many comments were questioning the fact that she was a model. Oh, the stupidity of com enters who obviously never read the story or want some conspiracy theory to fit their own I’ll thought out ideas. Hello! Once was a model, and now in her late forties doesn’t meet the glorious standards of Kate Moss or Kim Kardashian. But she fought her fight, is home in Canada recuperating , hoepfully on Alberta beef, and says she would like to go back…yes the young women are often in charge. What is not to like about this warrior, granted she does put governments to shame. Obama has just decided, nice to be king, eh, not to support the Kurds.