Anti-terror tactics targeting Muslim leaders provoking tensions in Kenya

When the Kenyan government shut down the Musa mosque for “radicalizing” its followers, local officials searched in vain for someone to take over the mosque. Finally they appointed a nearby real-estate agent, who recruited an 18-year-old high-school student as the imam.

“I was the only one who wasn’t afraid,” said Khatib Khamis Mwishee, the neighbour who was given control of the mosque in Mombasa, the main Kenyan seaport, earlier this year. “Everyone else refused to take responsibility.”


Kenya plays by its own rules.

  • Closing the mosques and arresting the mullahs is a good first start in dealing with reality.

    Without an Islamic reformation, the problem of Islamic violence will continue.

    • African

      That is true but the biggest problem in Africa and other parts of the world is that America and the West are telling all the countries that have islamic jihad problems not to be tough with islamic terrorists and their sympathizers, to respect their ‘human rights’, not to profile possible muslim jihadists and basically not fight back or else all aid will be cut and that government will get criticized, discredited and demonized by Western media and their ‘human rights’ groups and aid organizations etc. That is one huge problem that African countries are facing today. It is not only the islamic jihadists but the Western liberal and their destructively pacifist agenda and if this continues no doubt in my mind, that islamic jihadists across Africa will be the only ones who are profiting from this kind surrender. Just click on the link below and read how the American ambassador lectured recently Kenyan government on this very same agenda:

      • I agree 100%.

        And you can blame it on Obama the Islamic Manchurian Candidate in the oval office.

        Obama is a closet Muslim and practicing taqiyya in fine style. The dems are too stupid to understand.

  • moraywatson

    Commenter at the Globe: “I’d rather go and meet my Muslim neighbor to find the common ground that impacts us the same rather than wallowing in the bigotry that grows from insisting on finding an enemy.”

    What a racist sentiment. Apparently the Kenyan approach to protecting themselves from islam is backwards and bigoted, according to some Canadian dhimmi-appeaser who thinks that totalitarian-supremacist muslims will somehow “evolve” differently here than they do in every other society they turn into rubble.

    The only “common ground” you have with your muslim “neighbour” is the parcel of dirt where you kneel to convert, pay the jizya or die.