7/7 bombings: Why we can never stop tackling extremism

“Since 2005, terrorists have repeatedly tried to launch attacks in this country. Most have been thwarted.

There have been hundreds of convictions for terrorist-related crimes, and arrests are at their highest ever level. At the moment, on average there is one arrest every day for terrorism, and about 120 people are awaiting trial. How is it that MI5 and the police have been able to stop so many attacks?”


Interesting for his mention of the Trojan Horse Plot committee report which thankfully was rejected as nonsense.

  • simus1

    Trolling for and long term surveillance of amateur bunglers who think they are muslim fanatic supermen isn’t really productive or cost effective. They should either be tacitly encouraged to join isis for a desert tour which is a criminal act and then receive long prison sentences or get some sort of long term internment which negates the danger they pose from the get go.

    • I think that is the best route possible.

    • Seneca III

      Or shot. Why even bother keeping these primitive butchers and slavers, practising or ambitious to be so, in a warm bed with three halal squares a day, publicly funded Muslim lawyers and endless opportunity to gloat and plot how they will carry on as before once they’re released?
      If we don’t man up pretty soon we will simply become extinct, so better that we send them down that path first.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    When you can walk down the street in downtown London wearing an ISIS flag while using your own child as a potential human shield, and you are not arrested, then they tells me they are still not serious.
    They only thing that saved the UK so far is the ineptitude of their potential attackers.
    They have had other attacks since then, but they have all been so ineptly conceived and executed that they caused little to no damage.

  • Exile1981

    Just start shipping them to Isis those that want to join, then they can have their quick route to paradise.

  • Seneca III

    I do wish just about everyone would stop using that disingenuous word ‘extremism’. What we are facing here and now is Muslim mainstream ‘normalism’ camouflaged by means of Kitman and Taquiyya and aided and abetted by the traitorous governing scum of the West who transform any form of rational definition of Islam’s fourteen century long tried and tested conquest methodology into those pointless epithets ‘Islamophobia’ and/or ‘racism’.