Those ” Misguided Brainwashed Teenagers” Who Join ISIS? They’re Islam’s Monsters

Laugh out loud: UK schoolgirl jihadi’s sick reaction to the Tunisian massacre in a series of extraordinary online messages with undercover MOS reporter

A teenager ‘jihadi bride’ who fled Britain to join Islamic State terrorists has callously mocked the victims of the Tunisian massacre – as she tried to lure another schoolgirl to join her in Syria.

Amira Abase, 16, wrote that she was laughing out loud – ‘Lol’ in text language – as Britain mourned the 30 citizens murdered on the Sousse beach.

The sickening remark came in an extraordinary series of exchanges with an undercover Mail on Sunday reporter, who Abase believed to be another British teenager planning to run away to join barbaric IS. Abase encouraged her to make the dangerous trip to marry a frontline jihadi fighter.

  • chayisun

    Anyone living in that so called capital burg of Raqqa follows that bloodthirsty lot called the Islamic state. Just carpet bomb the bloody place and be done with it. I would only mourn the donkeys and goats who would die. Of course the protests would lead to rioting blah, blah, blah. Simple answer to that is follow China’s lead. Gun THEM down, too.

    And then celebrate.

    • Collateral Damage!

    • Doug Kursk

      It’s coming…things are going good for Muslims in western lands presently, as the west has been sleeping for decades. We have forgotten that Islam is an old and dangerous enemy.

      Islam, through the centuries, has never forgotten who its enemies are, I can assure you.

    • tom_billesley

      Welcome to Raqqa, girls.

      At least 16 airstrikes were reported late Saturday and early Sunday, triggering successive explosions that shook the city and created panic among residents, activists said. The U.S.-led coalition often targets IS-held towns and cities in Syria, but the overnight strikes on Raqqa were rare in their intensity.

  • Petey

    Sister. I hear you’re now living as a second class citizen and virtual prisoner in a brutal, backward, misogynist society? looool !

    Sister, I hear the electricity and water is only on a few hours a day and there is garbage everywhere? Sounds like paradise! Looool !

    And I hear the rewards that non-existent allah is bestowing on you are … well, I’m sure they’re great!! Looool !

    Imbeciles. She says she misses some aspects of her former life but I doubt that any of them have the brains to recognize the sheer stupidity of their actions. The UK gene pool has been marginally improved with their departure.

    • She is an animal.

      • Petey

        I have little but contempt for her and her “sisters”. They made their choices and are stupid/evil enough to think those choices were good.

        But what really does upset and disturb me are people like the girls taken forcefully by Boko Haram. Raped and brutalized until their wills are broken and they are turned into little killing machines for Allah. They were human and then were transformed into something … less.

      • Hktony

        A monster!

    • pop


      I hear you’ll get knocked up in an hour. Lolol

  • jayme

    I wonder why she wasn’t allowed to say whether she was married.

    • Doug Kursk

      It could be that it was not her at all, but in fact a male member of ISIS who was texting her with a bogus account etc.

    • Frances

      It could be that her father has failed to come up with the dowry, and they’re still waiting on him.

  • canminuteman

    I suspect that there are an awful lot of muslims in Europe with exactly the same opinion.

    • Doug Kursk

      Agreed… time to shut the door and then deal with the ones left inside.They leave, by hook or by crook.

  • pop

    Hopefully, she’ll marry Khalid Sharoufs head chopping children.

  • mobuyus

    Fistulas on the horizon! You go girl!

  • Allan

    Why would Britain want to stop these sick POS from leaving the country. Just make damned sure that they can never come back. The stupidity of the British Government and Cameron in particular is staggering.