Christians fleeing Islamic State must be given ‘priority’ for asylum in Europe

CHRISTIANS fleeing Islamic persecution must be given “priority” over others when applying for asylum in Europe, senior Bishops said last night.

It comes after Lord Alton of Liverpool warned of a “crisis of biblical proportions” which will see at least half of the 12 million Christians in the Middle East either gone or killed by 2020, as IS and other radical Islamist groups continue their bloodthirsty campaigns.

The calls were supported by the Church of England’s foreign affairs spokesman, the Bishop of Coventry, and Bishop Angaelos, General Bishop of the Coptic Orthodox Church Britain.

Hotspots include Iraq, Syria and Libya, where in February IS executed 21 Coptic Christians, Lebanon, Palestine, Eritrea and Nigeria.

  • Blacksmith

    While this is true and they should be given priority since their religion tends to be civilized it will never happen because it does not fit the agenda. I miss the society we used to have that cared more for the people than for the causes.

  • African

    If they move to the West Christians will be secularized and next generation will loose their faith like people in the West are today. A better option would be if a strong Christian volunteer army is established so that Christians can remain in the mid east.

    • That’s unlikely to happen. The west is too weak to go to war for Christianity or for any other cause.

      Multiculturalism and mass immigration has created a low trust society of ethnic islands with competing interests.

      • African

        Right, and Egypt which has the largest Christians in the ME is about explode into chaos as MB, ISIS, other jihadists and its military fight it out and it will soon end up becoming another failed state. One wonders what will happen to the ten million Christians there in Egypt?

      • BillyHW

        That was the plan from the beginning.

  • Maurixio Garcia Sanchez

    I agree with that,they deserve something better than those Muslim terrorists.

  • Linda1000

    Christians fleeing ME war areas like Syria and Iraq should be given priority as refugees. That isn’t happening tho because we have various churches and Christian groups in Canada and the U.S. working with muslim associations to bring in muslim refugees – most recently read about the Mennonites in AB doing this. Why and is it for the money these various western Christian groups get paid through gov’t contracts or what? Nothing like being idiots or blind to the persecution of their fellow Christians in muslim lands.

    • vimy

      Love thy enemy….. Its a Christian thing. I’m not a big Bible reader and consider myself an agnostic but I can’t recall ever reading anywhere that you should provide comfort to your enemies.

      Forgive them….yes because otherwise you will be consumed with hate just as Muslims are and thats how we find ourselves in the state we are in today.

      I think we have to defend ourselves from our enemies first and only accept and forgive them when they are ready too do the same and there not and won’t be for a very long time because they have to figure out a way to forgive other Muslim sects before they can even look at forgiving us for not accepting there religion.

      No Muslim refuges taking them in solves nothing

    • Minicapt

      Because achieving the acceptance and approval by secular society in general and to be identified as persons who wish to be good to all people regardless of evil behaviours is more important than being Christians.
      The Mennonites began moving away from their original faith when they discovered expediency eased dealing with the Communist Party of the Soviet Union on the 1920s.


  • Maggat

    Christianity should be the highest priority, islamism the lowest.

  • Why not give Christians guns?

    • Guns are dangerous and immoral. Just ask the Pope.

      • He himself must be protected by phasers, which he did not specifically address.

    • Minicapt

      Because the distinction between ‘slay’ and ‘kill’ is too difficult for people to manage.


      • I think the Middle Eastern Christians would have a handle on it.