Andrew Bolt: Moderate Muslims are in denial

WE need an honest debate about Islam, not the dangerous denials this week of Ali Kadri, president of the Holland Park mosque.

Kadri on these pages on Wednesday claimed the Islamist terrorism we see around the world had nothing to with Islam and lots to do with the United States instead.

He made these plainly ludicrous and inflammatory claims in response to my column on the recent terrorist attacks in France, Tunisia and Kuwait, two of which were claimed by the Islamic State.

  • DMB
    • jayme

      I love David Woods’ videos – clear and succinct, with often a some humor to help make his point. This one’s a keeper.

  • Alain

    Let us say a person is being attacked by a grizzle and those seeing it state that we need an honest debate about grizzles. That just about sums it up. What is there to debate when the evidence is there for all to witness globally and daily? For some reason there were no idiots suggesting that we needed an honest debate about Nazism during WW II.

    • Tolerance usually means cowardice in today’s world.

      • Alain

        True enough, but tolerance of intolerance and evil can never be justified in my view, which is exactly what we have allowed. I am not using evil in any particular religious sense. By evil I think most of would agree that the random slaughter of innocents is evil.

        • Those of us in the counter-jihad blog-sphere need to speak up often.

          The more questions about Islam the better.

          Sooner or later we are going to talk about it – or die.

    • MRHapla

      Never any debate on whether there were any “moderate Nazi”, or that Nazi-ism was hijacked by Hitler.

  • cmh

    actually it’s Bolt who is in denial….muslims know exactly what they are doing. When the time is right they will rise up against Bolt and all other non believers. Bet on it.

    • Minicapt

      You obviously neglected to read the article.
      Congratulations on your perspicuity.


  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Maybe if they are still in denial, they are not really moderates at all?

    I think the true number of actually moderate voices in Islam is smaller than the number of IS fighters and they are probibly not as “Koranicly correct” as the extremists are, because that is the nature of Islam.

    The other 99% of Islam is secretly hoping for their faction to win, and can still be considered moderate only in that they are not the ones pulling triggers or setting off bombs.

    • Brett_McS

      I’d say that virtually none of the “spokes people” for Islam are moderates at all. They are all taqiyya artists.

    • Well in Toronto we see many thousands march calling for the destruction of Israel.

      They will be out again next Saturday calling for Israel’s destruction at the Al Qud’s Day hate-fest. Those are the moderate Muslims.

    • Exile1981

      A moderate muslim is a muslim who is hoping the jihadi kills you so he doesn’t have to get his hands dirty.

    • MRHapla

      They aren’t Zombies ,,,until they turn Zombie…Islam/Muslim is the same.

  • David

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  • JoKeR

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  • Minicapt

    Having read Mr Bolt, his use of the phrase ‘moderate Muslims’ is “sardonic” and “sarcastic”.


    • Brett_McS

      Like most of us he has evolved in his views as the reality has sunk in. I guess that’s the difference between us and leftists.

  • WalterBannon

    Kadri the so-called “moderate” muslim is just doing what muslims do, lie and deflect blame for their evil scumbag religion. If ever there was just cause for a genocide, muslims have provided plenty of cause for their demise.

  • Shebel

    If Muslims want to kill you—then you must be doing something right.