United We Stood, Divided We’ll Fall

“…You see, the dirty little secret is that gays, like blacks and Hispanics, are being used to declaw the silent majority. Politicians have tried over and over again to stop those constitutional nuts who keep waving the American flag and quoting the Constitution. It hasn’t been easy, these conservatives have been the majority since colonial days. They still are the majority, the silent majority; too silent.”

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Except that when the chips are down, we come together, just as we did on 9/11. It’s the politicians themselves who are divisive.

  • Reader

    Now a musical interlude to get away from all this divisiveness

  • Justin St.Denis

    I would love to know precisely who is pulling the puppet strings of BigGay, how much it is costing, and where the money trails start and end. My work brings me into contact with many gay individuals. To a man, every one of them has expressed confusion at the antics of BIgGay. Lesbians….not so much, but hating sems to have always been a huge part of being lesbian.