The Fundamental Transformation of America

Relying on common law and tradition limited the power of those in the present. It shackles politicians and judges alike in order to limit them and protect us.

Those rights will be replaced with the made up rights found in civil law European nationals, particularly when it comes to “balancing rights”. Any right that can be balanced can be balanced away and voided.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The analysis is too pessimistic for me, since the political pendulum swings both ways and correctives pop up sometimes unexpectedly. The loony leftist media are constantly surprised when voting doesn’t go their way even after all the indoctrinating propaganda they bombard us with.

  • Hard Little Machine

    No. What’s key here is that the US and EU no longer recognize the notion of rights at all. There are no rights. One only has temporary possession of privileges granted to them unilaterally by the state which can retract or amend them at will at any time for any reason w/o any recourse on the part of the ‘individual’.

  • Alain

    This applies to all English speaking countries, since only they share the tradition of the Magna Carta and English Common Law. These were tools used to keep government in check, which is why the Left worked so hard at destroying them.

  • Waffle

    Yes, this is a very pessimistic analysis but he’s right. However, (and I admit that perhaps I’m being naively optimistic) I like to think that I see signs of an impending challenge to the insanity that currently exists. To be specific, Donald Trump is a refreshing voice. He is not a radical nor a bigot, I pray that our American cousins have retained enough of their critical thinking abilities to seriously consider him as their next president so that the healing may begin.

    Here in Canada, we do not have to deal with a power-at-any-cost leader. We only have to prevent it. Take heed, my fellow Canadians. Look what that avaricious bitch is doing to a once proud and rich Ontario. Perhaps there’s nothing we can do until 2018. I don’t know. I fear that little will be left by the time that blessed day rolls around. However, I feel that her unabashed grasp for power will prove to be her undoing. Hopefully, sooner rather than later

    The Dauphin? Get a grip. Even the powerful and widely-read Toronto Star has demonstrated its willingness to throw him under the bus. Quite literally, he’s toast except in the deluded imaginations of people who should be denied the right to exercise their franchise.

    Steve, steady-as-she-goes is hanging in there. I’m still convinced that he is the penultimate chess player and that he has not yet revealed the moves that will checkmate his opposition which appears now to be only Tommy the Commie. I sincerely hope that Steve has some surprises in store for him.