‘Sadistic, bored’ Paul Bernardo applies for day parole: Lawyer

One good reason for the death penalty.

  • AmicusC

    True but holmoka is the better reason. She got the p#$$y pass. And then the cops got the videos they made and found out she was more the mastermind and bernardo was more of a chump. But good thing she’s walking free and has kids .

    • Both deserve the death penalty.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      He wasn’t the chump.
      There are stories of many unsolved rapes from that time.
      They were equal opportunity murderers.

      • AmicusC

        Not saying he isn’t evil but in that relationship he was the chump .She was the mastermind

  • ntt1

    it is obscene that this monster can even get a consideration at this point. Canadian justice is really off the rails.

    • Clausewitz

      I thought he had been designated a “Dangerous offender”. Doesn’t that mean no parole of any kind, ever?

  • cmh

    Sure, the government is all up in arms about Bernardo only because it’s election time and it looks good. If the govt really cared about our social situation they would deport convicted serial killer Noor Chowdhury now. Instead they quietly cover this up and lie by saying they are looking into it….for 20 bloody years! They will continue to give him sanctuary (which is paid for by taxpayers) until he dies. Harper has lost my vote and I was a staunch supporter. Call your MP.


  • Dana Garcia

    Elites don’t care about public safety. They lead protected lives from the back of a limousine.

  • karra

    No one appears to have consulted Vince Bevin re this.

  • DVult

    Put him in a cell with Luka Magnota. Whatever happens we are likely to be rid of 1 scumbag at least.

    • Surele Surele

      Luka is looking for a date.

      • DVult

        A supper date. LOL.