Private sector tackles social-media cyber jihad

Airstrikes are only part of the effort needed to stop the rise of groups like the “Islamic State.” A new transatlantic organization is set on curbing extremists’ access to one of their most effective tools: social media.

  • Solo712

    It’s amazing, isn’t it ? Make an anti-gay campaign or engage in a “far-right” advocacy and your social media account will be shut down or your pages hacked or DoS’ed. You frequent a child-porn sites, boy you will be caught and jailed in no time, or if you are a sophisticated IP spoofer, in a not too long a time. But somehow, when it comes to ISIS, the Internet authority, the CIA, the Homeland Security, Army Intelligence, seem to be totally clueless. Now imagine the hundreds of thousands jihadists opening their ISIS web page tomorrow and reading: “This site is haram ! Fuck off or your head will be blown off before you put on an explosive vest !” Try that for a couple of weeks !