Islamists only want one thing. We cannot appease them

David Cameron calls Isil an “existential threat” to the Western way of life. On the face of it, that seems ridiculous. How could a bunch of relatively poor, ill-armed fanatics and psychopaths conceivably topple what remains the most dominant civilisation since the Roman Empire?

In physical terms, they can’t (yet). We in the West have much more money, many more weapons (though here in Britain, we have been doing our best to weaken ourselves militarily) and greatly superior technology. While Islamist fanatics can murder 30 British tourists on a North African beach, we can probably intercept enough of them here to keep their activities below a certain level.

  • WalterBannon

    Islam is a threat to the west because we refuse to fight them and instead invite the enemy into our house to colonize our homes.

  • moraywatson

    Moore was batting a 1000%, but then he avowed that Islamism and Islam were not the same thing. It is to weep. Moore seems to understand perfectly what muslims are capable of tactically, and what their objectives are at large (and even goes so far as to recognize there is no such thing as a “moderate” muslim), but strikes out on the raison d’etre for Islam’s doctrines. Islam is what islam does, and what islam does is dictated by the quran, Therefore islam is Islamism, and there is no moderate quran, and no moderate “believers”.

    • Everyone Else

      And that’s why the following quote of his is a fallacy.

      “We in the West have much more money.”

      Saudi Arabia alone is pulling in a Billion dollars per day, to say nothing of Qatar and the other Gulf Emirates.

  • Miss Trixie

    Poster “Mary Rigby” added the following and thought I’d add it here:

    “This has been posted before. I didn’t write it myself, it was written by a friend, but I dedicate it to Malcolm Jackson and all those here who are deaf, dumb and blind, wilfully or otherwise, to the Islamist threats to our safety, and particularly to David Cameron:

    If a jihadi cuts your head off
    You shouldn’t get too perplexed
    He’s only doing what he’s told
    By a seventh century text
    And even as you bleed to death
    There’s one thing to recall
    This isn’t Islam at all
    Oh no, Good Lord,
    This isn’t Islam at all.

    If a Muslim crucifies you
    Don’t be too alarmed
    It’s written in his holy book
    That infidels must be harmed
    And even as you die of thirst
    There’s one thing to recall
    This isn’t Islam at all
    Oh no, Good God,
    This isn’t Islam at all.

    If ISIS your rapes your daughter
    Don’t feel too forlorn
    It was all commanded by their Lord
    Before we were even born
    And even as the they slake their lust
    There’s one thing to recall
    This isn’t Islam at all
    Oh no, oh no, we trust,
    This isn’t Islam at all.

    If warriors take an aid worker
    We mustn’t be too dismayed
    They’ll simply burn the chap alive
    Unless the ransom’s paid
    And even as the match is lit
    There’s one thing to recall
    This isn’t Islam at all
    Oh no, Allah be praised,
    This isn’t Islam at all.”

  • simus1

    It is interesting how this latest version of international muslim terrorism differs so much from what has gone before in the way of national liberation movements of various types. Most previous movements had to spend much of their time ensuring that dissent about their methods was ruthlessly stamped out and collaboration with opposed rulers or occupiers was answered with atrocities. This does not seem to be happening in the west where logic would suggest the least cooperative, least devout muslims would be most numerous and thus most difficult for terrorists to keep in line.
    Very strange.