Independence Day and the Left’s Unseemly Vanity

As most of the nation is preparing to celebrate the 239th anniversary of its founding, the left is going about producing self-affirmations and reinforcing its narcissistic prejudices.

This is hardly a new phenomenon, but it has become more pronounced as the present era of progressivism reaches a zenith and invites what history suggests will be a correction in a more conservative direction. The latest example of this unattractive tendency was submitted by’s Dylan Matthews who, in a sprawling tome, contended that the American Revolution was a mistake, an unfortunate accident of history, and that mankind would be better off had it never occurred.

  • Evil Brad

    As an unapologetic British imperialist (as all truly patriotic Canadians should be), I agree with his conclusion, though not his means of arriving at it. And it is an unseemly one for an American to be drawing…

    • I will wait for my American readers to respond;)

    • Xavier

      You are entitled to your opinion.

      You can speak German, I hope?

      • Evil Brad

        You mean there would have been nobody living in the Lower 48 if they had a king rather than a president?
        In any case, I am thankful that we are a small country bordering the USA rather than a small country bordering Russia, China or Argentina, etc. So belated happy 4th…

  • Norman_In_New_York

    It took less than 50 years for the U.S. to become the preeminent power of the western hemisphere. By then, our border with Canada was becoming the longest, lengthwise and now timewise, demilitarized border in history. Not too shabby.

    As for the Left, they change few minds. Obama’s election was owed to the deficiencies of the opposition.

  • ntt1

    I have often wondered if the elevation of the appalling kennedy clan and the deification of the kardashians aren’t just a national wish for a royal family. We are lucky here in Canada in that we have a low cost source of amusement as well as a head of state, QE 2 has done a bang up job of representing our state . Subsequent hiers? I wonder.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I guess he never learned about the Boxer Rebellion, the Opium wars, the Sepoy Rebellion, the Raj, the Zulu wars or the British invention of concentration camps in the Boer war.

    • Minicapt

      … Spanish invention of the concentration camps in Cuba.


      • Hard Little Machine

        that must be George Bush’s fault too.

    • Evil Brad

      I imagine he would be carping on ad naseum about the supposed evils of British colonialism had be been born in Canada or the UK. Oblivious to the fact that the British Empire was a net benefit for all countries that were part of it.