Why Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown embraced Pride

Patrick Brown, the new Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader, sent a short – but politically significant – e-mail to his caucus colleagues early last Friday: “I have decided to participate in the Pride Parade on Sunday,” he wrote.

For most politicians, attending the parade is a given. Not for the Ontario PCs, however. Mr. Brown was the first PC leader to officially march in the event, even though participating risks alienating supporters on the social conservative side of the party.

Mr. Brown’s e-mail went on: “If there is anyone in your riding that you want me to call who may not support my decision, I am happy to call them personally.” He did have to call “a few people,” according to his office. But a senior insider says that Mr. Brown decided to attend the parade to be consistent with his outreach to involve more people in the party.


My question is; Who cares?

The PC’s aren’t going to form a government. Not “next time”, likely not in our lifetimes.

The Kleptocracy’s infrastructure is too well entrenched to be usurped.

We work to serve the Public Service Unions. That’s Ontario.

Turning the party into a pale reflection of the Liberals & NDP guarantees that they’ll be regarded as pale imitations of the Liberals & NDP.

I guess that’s something.

  • The Butterfly


  • Petey

    I guess they figure there aren’t enough true conservatives left so they might as well try to divide up the union/leftist/progressive pie with the Liberals and NDP. It might backfire on them though: when the Ontario economy completely tanks (which it will) people will be looking for alternatives. That will be the ideal time for an Ontario version of the Wild Rose to possibly make an appearance.

  • WalterBannon

    bring back mike harris

  • brm373

    Maybe the Gay Pride Parade should embrace the idea of being self-funded.

    • Canadian Born

      That would be a novel idea. Having the first lesbian Premier in Canada as Wynne keeps saying about herself, that sickening parade will continue to be funded by taxpayers unless taxpayers revolt. When she said that on CHCH TV news it actually made me sick. Her sexual preference has nothing to do with running the province of Ontario yet she seems to think it does. I think heterosexuals are fighting a loosing battle in this province.

    • Alain

      Along with it not being mandatory for all towns and cities to accept.

  • bverwey

    That’s sad. Lifelong PC member with no where to go. Oh well I am guessing my local MPP in Simcoe-Grey will be pleased.

  • Millie_Woods

    What a hypocrite. If he really believed In gay rights he’d march naked.

    • Alain

      You make a good point there.

  • DD_Austin

    “Turning the party into a pale reflection of the Liberals & NDP guarantees that they’ll be regarded as pale imitations of the Liberals & NDP.”

    They are the Liberals & NDP

    Lot easier avoiding scandal when your also the opposition, Regardless of party labels they all have exactly the same policy, do exactly the same things in anything
    of any importance

    The only difference is the colour of their tie.

    “If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.”
    Mark Twain

  • Edubeat

    Girlymen will just love it!