Why Iraqis Run & Kurds Fight

So why do the Iraqis refuse to fight and why are the unassisted Kurds so successful?

Well, the Kurds are fighting for a homeland while the Iraqis wait to see who’s winning before committing, and that’s the way it’s always been with Arab tribal wars. Every lasting and meaningful war involves land, and those dispossessed of it usually win in the end.

You can rape their wives and kill their kids but you can never take their land… real wars are about territory and borders but Islam has no borders.

  • Barrington Minge

    I’ve always considered that it runs deeper than that. Arabs (also read as mooslims) of whatever style, are basically untrustworthy and cowardly. They will do anything to get one over on the other guy, stealing, cheating, lieing. killing and always blaming the other guy when they get caught out.
    Whilst I would support anyone who opposed the 7th century death cult, never forget that they are at the end of the day arabs and mooslims.

  • ntt1

    the Kurd s are islamic too but the problem is they have ambitions for a greater Kurdistan including northern turkey and northern Iran while we dance the false friendship dance with the deranged Turkish leadership we are forced to ignore the worthy Kurds. Until turkey is cut free from EU dreams this stupid false narrative will continue. Arm the Kurds and let the turks reveal their existing support for ISIL.
    Turkey is no longer a friend to the West,if it ever was, and seems to be aligning with the emerging caliphate ,perhaps in order to recapture its ottoman glory.