Well I can see why they aren’t allowing comments…

This should make you angry.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    What a dichotomy!
    Slut marches and potential honor killings for non-virgins.
    I can feel the vibrancy from here.

    You know that general that talked about the Islamic State collapsing under the weight of their own contradictions?
    I wonder if he ever bothered to apply that “test” to the west?

  • Exile1981

    I noticed they kept bringing up the idea of patients asking for a doctor of a specific race, the implication was white rejecting non-whites but it’s actually the other way around in that it’s muslims demanding muslim doctors.

    Then they point to a study that says people heal quicker when treated by a doctor of their own race but say it shouldn’t be done for whites.

  • Exile1981

    The last bit of the article talks about how hospitals restrict the number of visitors at a time to 2.
    When the wife was in the hospital after our 1st one they moved her to a different room because the other new mom would have her other 9 kids in the room all day. The dad would drop the kids all off at the hospital to “visit” when he went to work and then pick them up again in the evening.
    By the time our third was born the rule was 2 visitors at a time and they would not let me visit for even 10 minutes with the other 2 in tow. So the kids didn’t get to see the new baby till it came home.

  • Shebel

    I get pissed off—but- even my own kids think that I am wrong.
    This makes me fekking angry.

    These people are totally aggressive and totally ignorant as to our Canadian ways. They have no problem pissing you off to the extent that you say something that is ‘politically incorrect’.

    We are in bad shape.

    • FactsWillOut

      You failed at bringing up your kids, then.

  • Martin B

    “It was a stark example of an increasing preoccupation for Canada’s health-care system: accommodating the sometimes unorthodox needs of ethnic and religious minorities in an ever more multicultural society”

    If our health-care system is preoccupied with certifying Muslim virgins and turning patients’ beds around to face Mecca, then our health-care system is filled with pandering cowards. For fucks sakes learn to say NO, stop pandering and start practicing medicine!

  • simus1

    Tampons were deemed to be haram long ago and banned by “religious officials” in almost all areas in thrall to devout musloonia.
    Importation of “original Jello” (made with pig gelatin) was verboten in post WW2 Turkey.

  • Shebel

    Can you just imagine taking your cute little Daughter into the Doctor and demanding that he cuts off her Clitoris ?
    Really? Most Civilized people would think this is SICK and they would probably toss you in jail.
    But— When a Muslim does it–it is NORMAL.

    • simus1

      That would be just enough for “modern devout parents” to pass muster with their more strict relatives looking ahead to the marriage market. The real deal is much more extensive and can have severe lifestyle side effects later even more horrendous than dying while giving birth.

  • Shebel

    The Gay Parade is NORMAL.

  • Shebel

    2 Mommies or 1 Mommy or 2 Daddies is now NORMAL.

    No wonder you have to re-educate the Children.
    The adults are not exactly sucked into your perversions.
    I don’t get why the Media is so sucked into your nonsense.

  • Where to start indeed.

    “In London, Ont., St. Joseph’s Health Centre runs a special clinic during Ramadan to help the city’s estimated 3,000 diabetic Muslims.”

    Do you know why so many Muslims are diabetic? It’s because they’re addicted to sweets for some weird reason. The Ramadan Binge (it’s not a fast) exacerbates diabetes because, you know, massive blood-sugar roller coaster-time. But, hey:

    “In London, Ont., St. Joseph’s Health Centre runs a special clinic during Ramadan to help the city’s estimated 3,000 diabetic Muslims.”

    Because the taxpayers of Ontario want nothing more than to pay a bunch of bureaucrats to pretend to somehow help diabetic Muslims make it through a fake fast when they’re sick.

    That’s the very nicest thing I could say about the stuff in this article.

    Never accommodate. It used to be possible but now it isn’t, because this year’s accommodation is next year’s legally mandated human right. Another benefit of multiculturalism.

  • “More troublesome, say ethicists and physicians, are patients who insist they not be treated by a doctor or nurse of a certain race — typically Caucasians rejecting non-white workers in today’s multi-hued medical workforce — or want one of their own colour.”

    Caucasians. Yeah, right.