Shocker: So-Called ‘Anti-Gay’ Incident in Utah Was Staged

A Utah man who alleged assailants carved homophobic slurs into his arms, robbed his pizza restaurant and firebombed his house has admitted faking the attacks, authorities said.

Now the question is whether Rick Jones, 22, of Delta will be prosecuted for reporting false crimes, Millard County Sheriff Robert Dekker told CNN affiliate KSL.

…In a story that ran on in June, Jones said he was first attacked outside his family-owned pizza restaurant and woke up with the words “die” carved into one arm and the word “f*g” in the other. The restaurant was robbed twice and homophobic slurs were painted on the eatery and the home he shares with his parents, he said.

At this point, I just assume these “incidents” are made up.

  • Martin B

    Faking hate crimes against themselves.

    The list of things the Queermacht and the Muzz have in common is growing longer all the time.

    • Exile1981

      Actually well over 90% of the hate crimes that the media reports end up being faked or self inflicted.

  • Man add this to the long history of fake fag hate crimes.

    • Gary

      It’s just as bad for the fake islamophobia where muslims and Imams were caught vandalizing their own property so they could call 9-1-1 and draw in the media for that big lie effect and get sympathy.
      Except that CAIR-Canada and Sheema Khan never did a follow-up to post a retraction when they bashed Canada as racist and anti-muslim bigots.

  • brewin

    A real hate crime was committed against those tarnished by the fake one.

    “But they should report it as a hate crime … The act of filing a false police report is a crime. And, clearly, his motivation for doing so was to tarnish the image of an entire population of people he hates.” — Mike Adams, in reference to a previous version of this phenomenon

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Also, fake rape accusations.
      And mosk vandalism.

  • brm373

    Drama Queen,Eh?

  • ntt1

    meanwhile in the southern states a KKK inscription outside a black baptist church was admittedly done by a black man . and then there is the 8 fires in black congregation churches that are starting to look very suspicious as well. The left is always the instigator of violence even when it is against themselves, it is all street theatre to them.

  • Not_Crazy

    Wow they are rely pushing