Media Party uses Saudi school-funding story to bash all religions

Leaks of Saudi diplomatic cables show that the oil rich kingdom is using its wealth to help build Islamic schools in Canada.

  • Solo712

    I am generally on side with Brian Lilley. But he is wrong on this one. The secularization of public education is not a Left-wing plot or a liberal media obsession. It is something that grew out of the French Enlightement and the American Revolution. Canada’s practice of denominational public school system is the exception, not the norm in the West. The separation of church and state needs to be maintained for us to maintain a robust, civic set of values that operates across all social groups, regardless of their religious or ideological beliefs.

    • Valid points. I look forward to further wikileak disclosures.

    • Chatillon

      Actually Brian states that he is not in favor of public support of Catholic education even though he sends his kids to a Catholic school. I also subscribe to this idea as an ex-pat American Catholic.

      I think that Brian has a point concerning the sweeping comments against private education. His remarks, quite rightly in my opinion, are only raising the point that the current tide in “education” is already suspect enough for the public to be further suspicious of any hint that religion must be removed entirely from education, even privately funded schools.

      • Solo712

        The big philospohical difference that I have with Brian on this is that he clearly sees private schooling as a way to opt out the idiocies that lay siege to the public schools’ system. This adds to the problem, as it reduces the opposition to the crazy left-wing agenda, which is largely responsible for the decline of civic skills and respect to our institutions.

        • Petey

          Good point (about abandoning the field to the lefties). Still, it’s hard to blame the parents who just want to keep their children away from the deteriorating public system.

    • Alain

      The separation of church and state is American, not Canadian. Even in France which is officially probably the most secularised country, there has always been Catholic schools. In any case the problem we face in education is not a religious one (Muslims and their institutions excluded). It is that real education has just about disappeared and replaced by indoctrination and whatever the latest cause célèbre happens to be. This is being imposed by the state in all schools religious or public; Muslims again excluded.

  • Edubeat

    More schools more choice…one in four kids who go to ‘catholic’ schools come from the public system