Israeli flags not welcome at London rally against anti-Semitism

LONDON — A bitter row broke out at the end of a rally Friday in Golders Green, north London. Under the slogan “Golders Green Together,” the rally was called to demonstrate opposition to a proposed neo-Nazi gathering that had been planned for the neighborhood, which is nicknamed London’s “Jewish heart.” But the display of Israeli flags at the largely good-natured event proved divisive.

…The women, Sharon Klaff and Amber Shetreet, claimed to represent five grassroots organizations which monitor anti-Semitism. They denounced the Board of Deputies for what they called its “kumbaya” cooperation with HOPE Not Hate, which they insisted is virulently anti-Israel.”


The women are absolutely right about Hope Not Hate, it is Britain’s equivalent of the SPLC, a left wing hate group.

  • Exile1981

    Ahh the SPLC, a hate group masquerading as an anti-hate group.

  • David Murrell

    Seems like the neo-Nazis at the anti-Nazi planning committee do not want any flags associated with Jews. Sound about what the world is like, these days.