HIDDEN CAMERA: Muslim Lawyer Tells Kids ‘ISIS is Just Propaganda’ and ‘Extremism Doesn’t Lead to Terrorism’

A Muslim barrister has been filmed telling a women’s workshop that the government is lying about the threat posed by Islamic State.

Ibtihal Bsis, a presenter on the London-based Islam TV channel and member of the radical Hizb ut-Tahrir group, tells the meeting in Southampton that as Muslims they are being oppressed and accuses the government of deliberately exaggerating the ISIS threat as an excuse to hound Muslims.

EXCLUSIVE: A BBC South Today investigation has revealed attempts by a speaker to influence Muslim women in Hampshire with a rhetoric that’s been called ‘dangerous’ and ‘destructive’. Authorities trying to prevent radicalisation in the South say there are some individuals working directly against them, creating fear and resentment. There are warnings it could leave communities vulnerable to the influence of violent extremists. Our Home Affairs Correspondent Emma Vardy has this exclusive report

In a statement from Ibtihal Bsis’ lawyers issued after the film was edited for broadcast she says: “It is in all of our interests to stamp out terrorism in the UK and abroad. However, I believe that it is important that as a society we seek to scrutinise the recently passed Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015, which I, together with a number of experts feel may have a disproportionately negative impact on the Muslim community. I am disappointed that the BBC may use the comments which I have made out of context to present the Muslim community and those questioning the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015 in a negative light.”

  • How is Britain different from, let’s say, Pakistan in this regard?

    • Or Canada? However in Canada our MSM won’t go near a Mosque to properly investigate them – and neither will CSIS.

      • Except for one or two French journalists.

        This whole situation is appalling.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        If they want to go then let them go.
        Preventing them just allows them to become festering boils of pustulent resentment that will only erupt on their host country.

      • bill reitzes

        A “watch a mosque” program would definitely slow the radicals down.
        But, of course, the Supreme Court of Canada would order the program closed, even though 90%+ of Canadians would agree with a “watch a mosque” program.

    • Jim Fox

      In case you missed it- Britain is NOT (yet!) an Islamic country.
      Pakistanis ever-so-slightly-Islamic…

      • Sorry, but…. Britain’s dead, Jim.

        • Jim Fox

          You CERTAIN? Hitler made that mistake….

          • Yes but when Hitler fought Britain there were people willing to fight back.

        • Jim Fox

          Maybe- but that was NOT the point at issue, was it?

  • pdxnag

    Anyone propagating Islam approvingly — there is only one Islam — represents a mortal threat to free peoples. Anything less sceptical is worse than useless, it is dangerous.

  • pdxnag

    At 6:20 Cameron notes that calling Muslims Muslim (by acknowledging the true evilness of genuine Islam as displayed only most recently by Islamic State) turns simmering prejudice into murderous intent. Prejudice here must mean openly noting the glaringly obvious and manifest barbarity of Islam. It is too barbaric to be believed and practiced, or something, by “British” variants of Muslim thugs of the Worldwide Islamic Ummah.

  • bill reitzes

    When I look at the women in this video, I ask my self, “What are they doing living in the West”
    They dress themselves in sacks and hijabs, that I find offensive as a man.
    It’s as if they are doing one of two things, either that I, being a man am not to be trusted if God forbid, I see hair, or the back of a neck, or that they want to be different and supreme over me.
    Both should’ve been stopped years ago, but in the name of “diversity as our strength”
    this garbage and supremacy has been allow to spread.
    It’s so sad to see Western Culture, go by the wayside, without at least a fight.
    If Western Culture, was not superior, then why are these third worlders coming to the West in droves, and it’s not going in the opposite direction?

  • Jim Fox

    “out of context “– the corniest Muslim excuse for everything they don’t like. Allah preserve us!

    • Justin St.Denis

      Fuck allah. Allah doesn’t preserve anything, Skippy. Open your peepers.

      • Jim Fox

        Don’t understand irony, ‘Skippy’??

  • Rastus

    ‘I am disappointed that the BBC may use the comments which I have made out of context”. How very muslim of him.

  • Blake

    ever notice how it’s always muslims who need special education not to become terrorists? all religions are equal, right liberals? why focus on muslims? oh right, because they are the ones cutting off people’s heads.

  • Joseph Flannagan

    ” Out of context ” . ” Edited ” . Here we go again ! . The Counter Terrorism Act may have a disproportionately negative impact on muslims !!!. If muslims weren’t disproportionately involved in killings , bombings , burning , beheadings , attacks on schools , universities , restaurants , hospitals , hotels , buses , trains , planes , workplaces , police stations , shopping malls ,churches, temples ,synagogues , tourist beaches etc then MAYBE , just MAYBE they would not have to be so stupidly paranoid about being called what they are – TERRORISTS.