Global Terror: France’s Islamic problem

Despite growing challenge of Islamic terrorism, the Republic is refusing to tackle the problem head on, and PM Manuel Valls is a lone voice willing to talk about a clash of civilization.

With the slaughter at Charlie Hebdo and at the Hyper Cacher supermarket, France has experienced a heightened level of Islamic terrorism since the beginning of the year. Yet it is strangely reluctant to tackle the phenomenon, which threatens the whole of Europe.

In the past Islamic terrorism has mainly, but not exclusively, targeted Jews. Mohammed Merah had killed two French soldiers and wounded a third before murdering Jewish children and teachers in Toulouse.

French security services are working round the clock to prevent further attacks, meeting with little to no success. Only recently they prevented large-scale attacks on the country’s vulnerable churches.

  • luna

    Why do the police hide their faces?

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      So the terrorists and their sympathizes don’t target the police or their families.
      It’s a good indicator of how lawless any country sees itself as.
      Mexican and Central American narcotics police always mask their faces. Canadian and American police usually will not unless they are protecting the identity of an undercover officer in an ongoing investigation.

  • John

    Valls is a cretin. All of France’s political class are cretins. The only solution for France lay in the expulsion of its Muslims.

    They called on the country’s Muslim leadership to glean some ideas about what to do, and the response of those Muslim leaders boils down to one thing; YET more islam. Build more mosques and turn churches into mosques. Valls and co are doing just that.

    Dinstein, who is working in conjunction with the EJC to draft pan-European legislation against hate speech, said that in his opinion and according to the legislation he is drafting, the sorts of caricatures disparaging the Prophet Muhammad in the satiric magazine Charlie Hebdo should be outlawed.
    That’s from a Jerusalem Post article. Irwin Cotler, our former justice minister, is being consulted on this orwellian legislation
    So Europe is getting set to criminalize those Charlie Hebdo cartoons. Charb and all that staff so brutally murdered just 6 months ago were mere peddlers of ‘hate’. Free speech that rightly criticizes Islam is now being redefined as ‘hate speech’.