Fourteen Bulgarians charged with backing ISIS

Bulgarian prosecutors on Thursday charged 14 Muslim Roma with inciting racial hatred and spreading the ideas of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) jihadist group.

The charges come a day after the minority community’s self-declared spiritual leader — controversial Roma imam Ahmed Moussa Ahmed — was jailed for two years in another trial for propagating “anti-democratic ideals” and inciting hatred on religious grounds.

The 13 men and one woman from the central cities of Plovdiv and Pazardzhik were arrested at the end of March after a seven-month investigation, the chief prosecutor’s office said in a statement.

They have been charged with “preaching racial hatred” and “propagating war by spreading the ideas of the terrorist group ISIS,” the statement said.

  • Exile1981

    The roma are converting to islam? That’s bad news.

    • Seems an ideal match;)

      • Exile1981

        But Not for the host countries.