Female suicide bomber kills 12 in Nigeria mosque

A young female suicide bomber killed 12 worshipers when she blew herself up in a mosque in northeastern Nigeria, a witness and a vigilante aiding the military against Boko Haram said Friday.

“The bomber was a girl aged around 15 who was seen around the mosque when worshipers were preparing for the afternoon prayers,” vigilante Danlami Ajaokuta said of Thursday’s attack in Malari village, adding 12 had died and seven were injured.

  • Alex

    Why are they targeting other muslims? Are they just trying to make general pandemonium in the country and against the government, or are they testing out their new suicide vests, or maybe just letting off steam? These people (using the term loosely) are truly, 100% psychos.

    • Hard Little Machine

      Targets of convenience. If you’re going to kill a lot of people you may as well kill the people you can easily get to.

    • Take Islam’s social blueprint, add it to a population group, and what do you get?

      A dysfunctional society where religious thugs find reasons for killing in the name of their moon god.

      Why are they targeting Muslims? Why not, it’s Islam’s blueprint in operation.

  • kkruger71

    Honestly can’t bring myself to give a crap anymore. Just wipe them all out and start with a clean slate.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Perhaps killing is like heroin – once you’re hooked, it really doesn’t matter WHO you kill or why, as long as you get that thrill from killing, you kill for the thrill. That is why I think so many muslim males residing in the castrated societies of the West make such bloodthirsty jihadis. There’s more at play here than mere islamic fundamentalism.

  • GottaQHFilly

    In my heart, I believe these girls are the captured Christian girls and are forced to do this and remotely detonated. Just a gut feeling. And koranimals kill each other all the time. They enjoy killing, they get off sexually on it, the more barbaric the better. They are a scourge on human civilization that needs to be eradicated.