Contrary To What Many Think: “Gun Culture” Isn’t Entirely Uniform Across America


First, a quick story about an enthusiastic and patriotic soldier, stationed at Fort Bragg that simply wanted to get some pictures taken at the local mall to likely send to family and friends while sporting his totally sweet AR-15 while wearing some ‘totally rad’ body armor, in front of a Macy’s department store. He was cited and released to his command after the whole misunderstanding was sorted out. Charges of “creating public terror” will likely not be filed.

“A Fort Bragg soldier with an AR-15 assault-type rifle wearing a military ballistic panel carrier and carrying multiple rifle ammunition magazines caused a busy Cross Creek Mall to lock down Thursday night.

Bryan Scott Wolfinger, 25, was charged early this morning with going armed to the terror of the public. He told police he was preparing to have photographs taken with military equipment when 911 calls sent Fayetteville police to the mall.

Wolfinger was processed at the Cumberland County Detention Center and was released to his company commander and provost marshal at Fort Bragg.”

However the comments section, as usual, is where the real gold is buried.

Mike Hammer · Top Commenter

So much for NC being the ‘south’. We just had a guy walking around ATL international with an AR15 that was loaded and while he got a little harassment by the APD, nobody freaked out and nobody got arrested.
Mav Black · Top Commenter

Pfftt, meanwhile a few hundred miles to the west we here in Texas walk around bullet proof and armed with long guns in full view all day long almost anywhere there is to go and no problems.
John Fox · Top Commenter · Mesa, Arizona

What a bunch of clueless idiots. I’m so glad I live in Phoenix, I’ve walked into a bank with a gun on my hip, and all that happened was the teller and I had a pleasant conversation, she processed my deposit, and I took a piece of candy from the dish she had.
The first week I lived here, I walked into a WalMart and there was a guy wearing a cowboy hat, jeans, and a pearl-handled revolver having tires put on his car. I knew I had moved to the right state.
John Owens · Owner at EOCV

Ever think about that he could be expressing his second Amendment rights. You people get all scared and s*** this is North Carolina it is perfectly legal to own to have to carry so if you’re going to act like little bitchs. Go move up north with the dumbass Democrats and dumbass liberals.
  • Why that soldier looks guilty to me!

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Notice how when he followed police commands, he was not shot?
      Wild how that works!

  • Helios Megistos

    Considering the large amount of heavily-armed ethnic gangs in silly Canuckistan, we, honest and genuine Canadians, must have the right to carry both open and concealed; the refusal of such reasonable demands by the timid and effete polity is one more reason to go John Galt!

  • Alain

    Other using probably poor judgement in the choice of location, he did nothing wrong except causing the weenies to wet their pants.

  • mauser 98

    not on ClintonNewsNetwork

    Black Guy Shoots up Church Killing 4 then Abducts his Wife and Kills her

    • Alain

      Yeah, funny that…

  • Hard Little Machine

    I can sort of see it though. We don’t call it FayetteNam or Failureville for nothing.