Because You Should Believe Donald Trump Before You Believe Anything in The Media

2A305E9300000578-3147942-image-a-19_1435900080442[1] The Narrative: A Texas man, randomly and without provocation, guns down a beautiful young lady in heavily trafficked “tourist area” in San Francisco while the NRA refuses comment. One day later, TWO news camera crews are beaten and pistol whipped while covering the senseless murder by an unknown assailant that escaped in a black BMW, with no physical description of that assailant other than he was wearing a ‘hoodie’. Rampant gun violence in America continues.

Francisco-Sanchez-[1]The Real Story: A Mexican parolee, (but classified by NCIS statistics as ‘white’) that was mandatorily released from a Texas prison, whom had previously been deported back to Mexico multiple times, kills random white woman with a stolen handgun, while the TWO SEPERATE news crews are robbed of their camera equipment while covering the story the next day by black gang members. The most any passers-by could do was take pictures of the murder as San Francisco is a ‘gun free zone’ unless you are friends of the mayor.

  • I’d vote for him!

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      No kidding!
      At first I just thought he was a joke candidate and now he seems to make the most sense out of them all.

      • Exile1981

        I’m hoping that he at the least shakes up the election enough to make people think.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      I would vote for Trump over Hillary, a classic no-brainer.

  • AmicusC

    I feel bad for the murder victim, but at the same time I don’t feel to bad about anything that happens to this hellhole. they vote for stupid things and fail to realize actions have consequences.

    • AmicusC

      *edit this hellhole being SF

  • Dana Garcia

    The shooter was deported five times. San Francisco, a sanctuary city on steroids, had him in jail for drug charges but let him go.

  • Elephant in the Thread

    If you asked the public, who didn’t really want mass immigration to begin with, the following question… “Would support bringing millions of people into the country to culturally and ethnically change the demographic while thousands of citizens will be either murdered, violently attacked or robbed by the new immigrants, and your quality of life will be lowered by higher taxes and suppressed wages, and then call you all racists/bigots if you point anything negative about them out?” The answer would have been overwhelmingly “NO”. People are dying so the left can feel good about themselves and because corporations want to make a few more dollars. Whatever benefits immigration brings it certainly does cover the negatives for the general population.

  • lolwut?

    I hope blacks jacking MSM for their stuff becomes a thing.

    One media report did give a description though, “Dreadlocks”
    I’m sure they’ll scrub that soon enough.

  • Jade

    This is what Donald Trump and Ann coulter are talking about

  • Jade

    San Francisco is a sanctuary for Illegals not a big surprise

    • Alain

      Ah, they are trying to compete with Toronto.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Francisco Sanchez FOR MAYOR OF SAN FRANCISCO FOR LIFE. He’s even got the name of the place!!!!