‘You’re Getting Clobbered’: CNN’s Don Lemon Faces Off with Donald Trump

CNN’s Don Lemon spoke tonight with Donald Trump about the avalanche of controversy surrounding his comments about Mexican immigrant rapists and criminals.

Trump got dumped by Univision, NBC, and Macy’s. In addition, golf organizations Trump has ties to distanced themselves from his remarks and now New York City is reviewing Trump’s contracts with the city.

  • just a thought

    OK, he appears to not be in it just for himself, i.e., as a parasite like most of the others, but as a symbiote. He wants to prosper, but, unlike the many fools, he realizes that in order for that to happen, the country must as well.

    And he’s certainly more attractive than the Shrubbery.

    Excuse me, but I have to go shower now, and then have a stiff drink.

  • andycanuck

    He also clearly said throughout that it was “illegal” immigrants but I haven’t seen one “news” source report anything other than “Mexican immigrants”.

  • disqus_EhU3YQ88hy

    Trump is a blow-hard but at least he’s fighting the entrenched liberal dogma. The media at large have practically blown a gasket because of his comments on immigration and immigrants but rather than PROVE him wrong by countering with facts they have responded by calling him a racist and doing their best to shut him down. Thankfully they have failed. If mass illegal immigration is such a good thing for the United States then show me, with actual facts.
    I don’t buy into the “we’re a nation of immigrants” placards – BS and so what. If you go back far enough so is the UK, France, Spain and everywhere else.
    What’s up for debate is having 11-30 million illegals in this country good? What is the cost – in education, in subsidies, in healthcare, etc. ? It costs over $10,000 per student per year on average in US public schools – how many children of illegals can we afford to educate? What is the cost in terms of crimes against Americans, incarceration, etc.? Why should we allow people who commit felonies to enter our country and then stay?
    The media and the government doesn’t want to answer those questions – they want to focus on all the wonderful contributions of illegal immigrants which they themselves sum up by saying “they do the work that Americans refuse to do” which is also BS and more than a little demeaning.
    What about the cost to black Americans in employment?
    Americans are so racist that they won’t hire blacks – but not so racist that they won’t hire Mexicans? Are you (the MSM) saying that racism has a dollar value attached it?
    I’ve never heard that particular economic theory of bigotry but it’s certainly worth investigation – if only we could figure out WHO is in the country perhaps we could.

  • Everyone Else

    Go Trump!

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      He’s got Fuck You! money.
      I love it.

  • cmh

    trump did not say anything about immigrants….he said it about illegal criminal predators….watch the speech. he said he loves mexico….watch the speech

  • mauser 98

    Rush had good show today re Trump, Lemon. worth a podcast listen

  • Clausewitz

    Don Lemon Huh? Is that racist still employed?