White Privilege Just Isn’t What It Used To Be- Especially When You Are A Handicapped Student That Can’t Talk

Pamela Bullock

“My people fought for years, so we wouldn’t have to serve white people like you!”

Meet Pamela Bullock. She’s an ‘Intervention Specialist’ which is a fancy name for a teacher in a failing school district. I’d say people like her are why it’s failing. She still has her teaching credentials after she “resigned” because firing teachers is just so darned hard.

Bullock was honored with the Area Progress Council of Warren County's Project Excellence award

Bullock being honored with the Area Progress Council of Warren County’s Project Excellence award by Schools Superintendent Patrick Dubbs (probably for removing the safety wheels from a student’s wheelchair – which she actually did).

It was Spring 2014, and four teaching assistants at Wayne Local Schools in Warren County hit their tipping point. They wanted to give their colleague the benefit of the doubt, but on May 28, they watched her throw a marker at a handicapped, non-verbal student, hitting the child in the head.

“The same day, a racial comment was directed toward the same student,” the assistants wrote in a letter dated May 29. “After applying a bandage to the student’s leg, (Intervention Specialist Pamela Bullock) said, ‘Anything else, your highness? … My people fought for years, so we wouldn’t have to serve white people like you.’

The week before they wrote the letter, the Wayne teaching assistants claimed they saw Bullock get frustrated with a student and take the safety wheels off the student’s wheelchair, according to their letter. The student tends to tip her chair back when misbehaving, and the safety wheels prevent the chair flipping.

“In addition, there is a great lack of teaching in the functional skills classroom for intensive needs special education students,” the letter states. “On most days, (Bullock) sits at her computer, while paraprofessionals create activities and try to teach the students.

“It is not the intention of this letter to be vindictive or to attack (Bullock). However, as paraprofessionals, we are required to be advocates for our students.”

Bullock resigned after the district initiated termination procedures. Two of her supervisors, then-elementary school principal Jean Hartman and then-special education coordinator Amanda Johnson, were put on paid administrative leave for allegedly knowing about Bullock’s actions but not immediately reporting them. Neither is currently employed by the district. Johnson declined comment. Hartman could not be reached.

  • terrence

    what an ugly person

  • Evil woman.

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      That’s just your white privilege talking!

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      I know, or just set them ON fire?

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        How about a compromise? Why not fire them into the sun? Huh? One gets the joy of seeing them propelled and then burst into flames? Win-win, I say.

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          If I were President, I’d reinvigorate NASA’s mission by demanding that they develop rockets capable of firing people directly into the Sun.

          I would make the world’s most awesome U.S. President, ever!

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  • Martin B

    “Intervention Specialist” sounds like a job title for a teacher brought in to try and save a hopelessly failing school district, which implies that Ms Bullock was considered the cream of the crop when it came to Cincinnati public school teachers.

    Think about that.

    • Clausewitz

      Most likely she was hired because she was one of the sisterhood. Similar to the stupidity going on in Buffalo NY.

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    She is white, isn’t she?

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      Cafe-au-lait at the very least.

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    I hope Mr Laughy Happy giving her the award now knows what a vile racist she is. I wonder if she is working and attacking other poor little Helen Kellers in their wheelchairs as we speak .

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    Thomas Sowell was right when he stated most edel teachers come from the dregs of their college classes. This dame seems to think using children as target practice is a good way of teaching math.. And on the same topic http://t.co/htGfFKrHya

  • Clausewitz

    In my school board they are known as credit recovery specialists. They basically are there so that students who have slacked off all term can attempt to get a passing grade by doing the least work possible. Of all the officials in the schools, they are constantly represented by idiots who spout “Social justice”, and are complete progressive idiots.

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    If she was not born a slave and the target of her attack was never a slave master then her education — or rather her uneducation — must be responsible for her detached vision of reality. Maybe she thinks a job for pay, freely chosen, is slavery?

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    Just the tip of the iceberg, folks. Wait and see.

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    This is criminal assault on a child, child abuse and assault on a helpless person. She should be arrested and prosecuted and sent to prison.

    No really. Crimes on school grounds are still crimes.